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Re: TW Just need someone to talk to...

@TOM-RO Yeah...

I don’t actually know which one takes priority, because math and humanities are the 2 main important ones. Then there’s science, but I’m not too worried about that. Math is an exam in 2 weeks, then humanities is a presentation, which I chose to do a stop motion. It seems easy, but when its a topic you don’t enjoy, its not as easy. And stop motions are particularly hard... Plus another exam in week 10, for humanities. Then I have to work on English, with an extremely strict teacher... 😣

Today was particularly bad, because I was closer than I ever have been to fainting. It was probably because I didn’t get to eat until the last half of the day, but even eating didn’t help much.
I finished eating my lunch, and then just sat there, half awake. I say half awake, because I hate to think of that scenario.

But when I was sitting there, the teacher on duty came over and kept asking if I was okay. I love that particular teacher, but I don’t like being asked that question. It makes me feel weak, and like I cant take care of myself.

I now know, that it definitely wasn’t because I didn’t eat enough. It’s definitely because I’m exhausted and burnt out. So hopefully, I’ll start going to bed earlier, and rise earlier. That should give me more sleep time, and give me an extra hour to get ready for school in the mornings.

But even that is hard to start. Ive already tried to start that routine, but nothing is working.

I just want to be free of this burden, which is heavier than my normal burdens at my last school. Sure, emotionally it took its toll, but I never had to deal with overly physical burn out...😣

Hopefully everything will be okay. I just need to take care of myself, when I get the chance.

Can someone please talk to me? I feel really alone... And I just wanna cry. Everything is so overwhelming. And I’m so close to enjoying my new school, but life has taken its toll on me.

Re: TW Just need someone to talk to...

Hey @xXLexi_Lou122Xx ,


Great job!  Ok so you start with Math and Humanities.  It is tough doing a topic we don't enjoy, but unfortunately we all have to do it at some point.  If you can find even anything interesting/fun about the topic, go with it.  If not, think of it as an exercise to show you can do it even when you don't like it.  


Sounds like a really nice teacher.  I understand what you mean about not wanting to show you can't take care of yourself, but look at how supportive you are to everyone on this platform.  Admitting you're feeling a bit burnt out doesn't necessary mean you can't take care of yourself.  Heart.  Most of us need a helping hand sometimes.  


You've identified burnout and already a great way to help combat it: more sleep Smiley Happy  Getting to bed earlier will really help.  I know you said the strategies you've tried haven't help.  Here are some resources, have you tried these?  Apologies if you have.  If they don't work once, try them for a week straight and see if you notice any differences.  It can take the body a wee while to get used to the habit.


It's going to be challenging but you can do it Heart 



Re: TW Just need someone to talk to...

Thank you @TOM-RO

I will probably do that stuff tomorrow, as I took the afternoon off. I was watching, ‘Whose Line is it Anyway?’
It’s a good show!

She is a wonderful teacher. I emailed her about it just then, in a nice way, and explained my health condition to her. I just need to wait for a reply, or for her to talk to me in person tomorrow.

Yeah, we all need a hand sometimes, that’s for sure!

I haven’t actually looked at those before! I’m doing some of them already, but I saw some others I hadn’t seen in a while. I will definitely try them! Thank you!

I hope I can do it... EVerything’s getting out of control. But I’ll be okay. I have every one here, and my real life supports too. Smiley Happy

Re: TW Just need someone to talk to...

Can someone please talk to me?

I just want to cry

Re: TW Just need someone to talk to...

Hey @xXLexi_Lou122Xx!
Aw What’s wrong? Heart
I’m sorry I haven’t been around much, I’m here now Heart

Re: TW Just need someone to talk to...

Thank you @Bananatime04.

I honestly just have so much physical pain, and burn out.

I cant focus on my work, and its all due in week 7. That’s less than 2 weeks away! I’m freaking out, but I don’t want to reach out to a youth leader tomorrow, because I’ll be taking away time from the other girls, who probably need the leaders more than I do.

Plus, I’m singing on stage with the youth band, but I’m not sure if I can do it.

Everything is hurting, mainly my tailbone and head, and everything is spinning. I’m probably going to faint soon, but I cant stop working or stressing over work, until its done.

I just want to cry, but I don’t have the tears. My body is just not agreeing with me tonight. 😣

Re: TW Just need someone to talk to...

@xXLexi_Lou122Xx I’m sorry you’re dealing with so much right now Heart what homework do you have? I can help you Smiley Happy you’re as equally deserving of your youth leaders time as anyone else Heart if you need to see them, make sure you do what’s best for you.

What’s holding you back from singing? I believe in you!

Are you able to lay down? I’ve been in a lot of physical pain as well, I’m feeling a bit better after laying down though. I’ve also been doing a bit of self care to make me feel better emotionally and to take my mind off things. Could you try that?

I know how hard it is to want to cry and not be able to Smiley Sad I wanted to cry last night when I was throwing up because of the pain but I couldn’t. Sometimes when I need a good cry, I watch sad videos on YouTube and once I have my first tear I just pretend I’m crying because of the reason I wanted to cry in the first place. It works for me but I don’t want to make you sad so don’t do it if it will make you more sad Heart

Re: TW Just need someone to talk to...

@Bananatime04 Thank you❤️

I have to do my Humanities assignment, which involves a lot of research and then putting it all into my stop motion movie. Then I need to get some help for maths, because my exam is in week 7 as well. All my assignments and exams are in week 7 - 10. It’s getting harder and harder to get everything done, especially when Everything is getting stacked up like it did at my last school.

I do want to talk to them, but I always need to every week. So I’m aiming to try and not need their help every single Friday night. The other girls need their cry time too. I’ll just take that away from them if I reach out to the leaders.

Nothing’s really holding me back from singing, its just that I feel like my exhaustion will alter my ability. And I have to sing the Harmony to both songs. I prefer the melody, and I prefer to lead it. But no, I have to work my way up to that... Smiley Indifferent

No, I have to sit up and get my work done. I would love to lay down though. But I will probably faint either way...

I wish I could do self-care. But my school grades are so much more important, then I’ll finally have time to do what I want. Oh wait! I won’t! Because my assignments are spread out over the holidays too! I’m so sick of it all! I just need to let everything out, but I can’t. I’m bottling everything up, trying to avoid ruining peoples lives or chances of getting the help they need.

I’ve never really had to deal with it before. I guess I just cry when I need to to, not when I want to.
It’s okay, when I need to cry, I always think of the worst case scenarios of my life, and what life could be like if I wasn’t me. It’s not a healthy way of doing so, but when I feel sad, those are normally the thoughts that gather in my head.

I honestly just feel alone. I want to call my special person, but she’s probably busy enough as it is. Busy Woman, she is. Then my youth leaders all are too busy, with work and stuff.

Then I’m thinking of how our lives might be cut short, because of the coronavirus, and whatever climate change there is.

I’m so overwhelmed. I’m so alone irl. I’m just so exhausted, scared, sad, and feeling like a let down.

Re: TW Just need someone to talk to...

Aww Lexi that breaks my heart Smiley Sad I’m so sorry! You really are a thoughtful person and I’m really happy you’re reaching out for support when you need it Heart we will always have time for you no matter what you’re going through

What topic in history are you doing? And what topic in maths? When I have assignments, I really HATE reading so I actually watch YouTube videos and take notes which I find life saving! It also sticks in my brain more when someone else is saying stuff and I can see what’s happening. But I understand what you mean with workload stress.. I have an assignment in every subject and we are only given up to a week! We get a new assignment straight after our previous ones are due so I have a different assignment for every subject every week. I can help you through it though Heart I done year 9 last year so I probably had similar topics to you as we both live in Australia (same curriculum I think??)

If you feel you want to take a step back from reaching out to your youth leaders support, I can’t stop you but I’m always here Heart I know I’m not physically with you but I’m sending you loads of hugs

I can just hear how much you’re going through, please know you aren’t alone and I’m here to help you along the way.

Please call your special person if things get worse and try not to think of negative things Heart when I have a lot of homework, I do 20 minutes of as much work as I can without taking my mind off it then 5 minute break of self care. I think I’ve mentioned this before. Everyone deserves time for self care Heart is it possible for your parents to contact the school about the workload being too stressful and that you may need extra support at school so you’re not left with lots to do at home? Or you can get a medical certificate for stress and they will take things easy on you. My doctor offered to do that but Mum turned down the offer 😕 would’ve been nice tho!

Please don’t be too hard on yourself Heart I care about you and I’m here to help xx

Re: TW Just need someone to talk to...

@Bananatime04 Thank you so much❤️.

In Humanities, Our topic is the Industrial Revolution. I’m doing a stop motion on the exploitation of women and children, as my assessment.

In Maths, we’re doing Indices/powers, histograms, frequency tables, dot plots, stem and leaf plots, and others too. I’m struggling with the indices/powers. But oh well...

I reckon watching videos will help me. I’ll look for some tomorrow.

Thank you for the hugs. I appreciate them.❤️

I will, but she’s probably busy. Besides, its getting late, and I have to get ready for school early.
I need to try and buckle down to get some work done. Then take a break. But I keep getting distracted by everything.

I could speak to my GO, but I don’t want to bother her until my next appointment. Thats not too far away now, which is good.

Thank you for being here Bananatime04. I really appreciate it.

I have to get to bed now, but I’ll check in again tomorrow.