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Re: TW: My Family Abuses Me - What Do I Do??

I am extremely saddened by your situation, and feel every twitch of pain and suffering you experience from this environment.

Firstly your home should be a safe haven not a war zone where your crawling and ducking at any given moment because whether it's hand a weapon a mouth you don't know what's to come at you......

I myself have an abusive narssistic family who are volatile at extreme levels. They seem to project absolutely every downfall or choices that they are unable to take accountability for and I seem to be getting either thrown at me smashed into my head or shoved down my throat. They tell me how i should feel, they tell me I am sick, that I need to change......

It's quite evident I'm sick when every deflection they have gets smacked in my face and then they tell look into the mirror to do something about it..

The irony and sadness I feel that for them to run away while they push someone down to sink in their baggage is not okay. Have no doubt that you have no responsibility to have to sort through it, allow it to suffocate you and pack it in your.own wardrobe...


I have had every aspect invaded from my personal house, family house, wherever I go there are always eyes on me....
I'm now realising that I am my safe haven and my soul is what I safeguard. My heart struggles to keep up with breathing these days to.inhale and exhale is.almost.impossible......
I continuously.give it out to everyone and it never comes back the way Ive handed it to them. And I'm not learning that unless.someone else puts theirs out, as kind as you may feel you want to be it's a better preventative measure to keep your ribcage.. you cannot go around jump-starting every one else because eventually you will end up running out of charge yourself....

We cannot change the people who have bought us however we can control where we spend it and whom we spend it with...
Do not pay attention to their comments and efforts projected towards you. Disregard it.

Every day is a step closer to.freedom. protect your mind your body can recover..stay focused on what your freedom is and overcome those.obsticles in your way as though they are non existent. The power is in your hands. Don't validate.their attempts or engage with it....if they find it treat you like a doll, create a decoy your heart soul and mind safeguard and detach from your body in order to prevent it.disintergrating.

I truely wish you all the best and hope somewhat of what I have written works for you.
DO NOT EXIST FOR THEM BEGIN TO LIVE FOR YOURSELF ❤️ best of luck you got this 💯 xx

Re: TW: My Family Abuses Me - What Do I Do??

HI @Bleedingangel ,


Thank you for the passionate and encouraging post Smiley Happy.  I love who supportive you have been and the thought you put into this.  I have edited a couple of things out of it as the words may been triggering.  If you would like to read the community guidelines, please click here

Re: TW: My Family Abuses Me - What Do I Do??

Hey Tom,
I am extremely sorry I had no intention to trigger anyone I understand and
that's completely fine,
Are you part of the reach out team? I would love to start working in this
sector but I'm unsure requirements etc in order to gain entry into
industry.....are you able to potentially please provide some guidance on
how to do?

Kindest regards,


Re: TW: My Family Abuses Me - What Do I Do??

Hey @Bleedingangel ,


No need to apologise, there's no doubt your lovely post was well intentioned Heart.  It's so great to read that you're considering getting into the industry Smiley Happy.  I'll have a chat with the team and see if we send you a wee email with some general pointers. 

Re: TW: My Family Abuses Me - What Do I Do??

Hi @Bleedingangel 


Thanks for your posts last night and for supporting @Charli_le_monke  Smiley Happy.


Regarding your question about entering the mental health field - I'd recommend that you start a new thread with your question in our "everyday life" section here. Once you do that, we (and the community) can respond there with some general tips. We just want to be careful not to take over @Charli_le_monke's thread, that's all Smiley HappyHeart.


I look forward to reading/ responding to your new thread! If you have any questions on how to use the forum, just post them here

Re: TW: My Family Abuses Me - What Do I Do??

Hi @Charli_le_monke 


We're reaching out to you here to let you know that we have sent you an important email. Please check your inbox and get back to us as soon as you can. 

Re: TW: My Family Abuses Me - What Do I Do??

Hi @Charli_le_monke ,


how have you been the last few days?

Just letting you know I’m also here to help listen and support you if you need. 

Stay safe 😃