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Re: TW New depressive episode

that's super super understandable @Tiny_leaf, and I can really imagine that having it be his birthday would also be extremely exhausting, as you'd have a bit of social obligation pretend that things are fine. Is there any chance that you'd be able to get away and have some alone time by any chance?

Re: TW New depressive episode

@Tiny_leaf yes, I can see how that would be the case, oh dear. Be polite and civil to him on his day, certainly, but engage in self-care if being nice to him despite the recent conflict makes you feel exhausted (as it understandably might).

Re: TW New depressive episode

Hi @Tiny_leaf 

Virtual hug from meHeart

Sorry I haven't been on the forum for ages - I was battling through my own depressive episodes as well.

For me personally, the best thing that has worked for me is to be patient with myself. Knowing that there are going to be bad days and not blaming myself for lying in bed all day, struggling to eat or shower etc.. 

What do you think would work for you?

Lots of love,


Re: TW New depressive episode

@Andrea-RO @Tay100 My brother went out with my grandma and parents, I got to stay home and nap which was nice.


@Whimer I'm sorry you've been struggling too Smiley Sad


I'm looking at some professional peer support, idk if my parents will let me though...

Re: TW New depressive episode

@Tiny_leaf ohh I'm glad you got the relief! If you'd like to brainstorm some avenues for peer support, let us know Smiley Happy

Re: TW New depressive episode

@Tay100 I think this one will work out but I'll keep that in mind if it doesn't.

Re: TW New depressive episode

My parents are getting really controlling around what I eat and it's extremely triggering and making me want to over eat and under eat at the same time so looks like my options going forward are disordered eating or other disordered eating and the only thing I can control is which side of the spectrum I fall on.

Re: TW New depressive episode

That sounds really overwhelming for you @Tiny_leaf, I'm sorry that you're experiencing these feelings towards your eating. Did you want to tell us a little more about how that is looking for you? Are you currently in the mist of this over eating, under eating pattern or just having thoughts around it? 

Healthy eating and having a good relationship with food is extremely important, but I understand sometimes being in an unhealthy cycle is easily adapted. This resources is really helpful  information around healthy eating, and has some workbooks you can work through to educate yourself with. If you click on information sheets, you'll be blown away with how much great content is there! Smiley Happy

If you are ever feeling really caught up in this and wanting someone to talk to, kidshelpline can be really useful as well Heart



Re: TW New depressive episode

Okay I know you were trying to help. But also I have some questions .


Why are you focusing solely on the over eating when I also mentioned under eating as a problem?

Why did you link a resource on healthy eating when I stated my problem was an impulse that came from emotions, rather than a lack of knowledge on what I should eat?

Why has no one linked me to a healthy eating page when I mentioned under eating?


I'm probably not taking this the way you expected.

But pressure around healthy eating is half the problem.

Too much pressure around healthy eating can make me panic around eating so much that I stop eating entirely.

I already have a dietician who is working with me in a sensitive way and too parents who are questioning everything I try to eat.

Re: TW New depressive episode

This reminded me of something. So I’ve been in a terribly severe depressive
episode in the past less than a year, and I often eat junk food and sweets
as a coping mechanism, and now my dentist says that I have multiple decay
activity happening with my teeth, and that I need to stop eating lollipops
right now.

Now that I’ve lost another way to cope. Life is hard.