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TW New depressive episode

So I've been lucky for the last little while. I've had possibly my first ever break from most of my depression for about a month.

Anyway it's coming back from it's holiday now and I'm not looking forward to it.

I was struggling to cope with various stuff without depressive symptoms, so idk how I'll manage with them.


Mostly I need stability and a functioning health/ disability care sector but also I just really need a hug. Smiley Sad

Re: TW New depressive episode

Sorry to hear your depression is coming back @Tiny_leaf Smiley Sad I'm glad you were able to get a break from most of your depression for a little while though - what do you think was behind things getting better for a bit? It's nice and kind of weird- for me at least- when things feel lighter like that. The whole time I just kind of worry about the bad thoughts/feelings coming back. What was the break like for you?


Sorry the health/disability care system isn't helping and it sounds like things are a bit shaky at the moment Smiley Sad


Awh here is a *hug* if you want it Smiley Happy Heart





Re: TW New depressive episode

I’m sorry to hear that you feel like your symptoms are worsening @Tiny_leaf. Things must be tough for you right now Smiley Sad I think it’s good that you are insightful and aware of the change in symptoms as it means you might be able to manage them a bit better. Sometimes it can be hard when the symptoms sneak up on us. Are there any strategies that you know might be helpful with managing these symptoms?

Re: TW New depressive episode

I can empathise with the up and downs of depressive symptoms. I'm sorry to hear your depression is coming back. I'm so glad to that you had a break and you have a high self-awareness. Things that helped during these times as tough as it is, to swap out the negative thoughts for kinder thoughts for yourself, taking some to reflect on things that have helped you in past and then take distract yourself for a little to let your subconscious think through everything. I hope that things get better for you soon. 



Re: TW New depressive episode

@Tiny_leaf so sorry to hear you are going through a rough patch!  It can be hard when these things sneak upon us, but it's great to see you being self-aware about what your needs are (sending you that hug!) and reaching out in a great community like this. My advice is if these symptoms make things harder to manage things altogether, maybe slow down over the Christmas break. Take the pressure off of yourself! Even take a break from here if you need and just look after yourself. How does that sound? 

Re: TW New depressive episode

@Lost_Space_Explorer5 I started my new medication which helped but the fucking NDIS added a bunch of unnecessary stress and I honestly hate them.

I just had a nice break from always being in some level of emotional pain. 

Thank you for the hug.

Re: TW New depressive episode

@Sophia-RO I don't really know...

Reducing stress would help but I'm at a point where I need other people's help to do that. And I've been waiting for months. The feeling of helplessness isn't helping things.

Re: TW New depressive episode

@A_Friend I guess..

Part of the problem is that a lot of the negativity is coming from around me/ my situation rather than my thoughts Smiley Sad

Re: TW New depressive episode

@Tay100 that does sound good but I've already slowed down as much as I can...

Like the main pressure I have is making sure I eat enough times a day and even that's getting too much..

Re: TW New depressive episode

Hello @Tiny_leaf, that sounds really tough. Do you have much support from others at the moment? Do you have anyone that you can talk to about how you have been feeling?