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Re: TW: Permanent scars, not taking care of my health, losing emotions, and I just can't be okay rn.

Hey @MisoBear.
That's okay, we all need time to ourselves at some point.

Yes, it has really upset me, but I have to get used to it.

Thank you. I guess It's just hard, because so many other girls are thin and flat chested, but then there's me. Curvy and round. With more-than-a-not-so-flat chest. But then again, we all hate our bodies at some point.
I guess that's not the reason though. Sport is my favourite thing in the whole world. And going to the gym to help distract me from my problems is always something that's helped me. Now I'm banned...

Thank you @MisoBear. That really means a lot to me. Smiley Happy