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TW: The ups and downs of everything (lost)


I am not okay at the moment. I am safe however require some help. In the past, l would self harm, and now it has been 2 weeks. However the cravings and desperation is back because I was recently involved in a forced sexual interaction. Of course the good news is I'm not pregnant but i now suffer from flash backs. 


They always come followed by rapid thoughts and hallucinations. The hallucinations sometimes talk and scares the shit out of me. I really really need to self harm but my items have been taken. I have tried other distractions (listening to music, drawing, YouTube, mediate ect) however tonight the hallucinations won't stop. 


Does anyone have any suggestions I really don't want to self harm but previously it was the only way to stop them.

Re: TW: The ups and downs of everything (lost)

Nvm, used a sup line


Re: TW: The ups and downs of everything (lost)

Hi there @UltraSleepy and welcome to the forums Smiley Happy


Thank you for confirming your safety. I can hear that last night was really hard for you, it's great that you were able to reach out to both us and a support line. Did the support line give you any distraction suggestions to help with the hallucinations? ReachOut has a great list of distractions here that you might like, what do you think? 


Flashbacks can be so difficult to manage and sound like a terrible experience for you. I was wondering, do you have any supports that you can talk to about these things? Such as a counselor, GP or psych? 


I also wanted to add that I edited out the detail of self harm from the end of your post as it is against our community guidelines to specify types of self harm. 


I am finishing with ReachOut this week, say good-bye here. I'll miss you all!

Re: TW: The ups and downs of everything (lost)


Sorry for the delayed reply. I do see someone (A Psych and had a check in with my GP) however I find talking about anything sexual really hard and awkward so I have not been able to talk about it much. 


Sorry about the ending of the message. I was not aware that was against the guidelines and will be more careful in the future 


Re: TW: The ups and downs of everything (lost)

hey @UltraSleepy
It's super understandable that you find talking about anything sexual pretty awkward and uncomfortable. I was wondering if you've talked with anyone who is specialised in dealing with sexual violence? 1800respect (1800 737 732) are a really good support line which might be able to give you some advice and help, without you necessarily having to describe too much of the situation.


Hope you're doing ok Heart