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TW: Things kind of feel wrong

Hello. It's been a long time since I have posted on the forums. I took a long hiatus I guess. 


I feel kind of down about a few things. The main one being that I am reaching 26 years old and I don't feel ready to move on from being a 'young person.' It means I won't be able to contact Kids Helpline for support any more or go to Headspace, both of which have been a huge part of my life since I've been 18. I have a few months to go. And I really really hate it. I don't know what support groups are out there, or if there even are any for people my age and if they're free like the Headspace groups. Same here with Reach Out. Smiley Sad 


I'm so scared of this concept of 'growing up' even though I have been adulting for years now. I definitely don't feel like I'm successful or whatever. I'm still taking medication for anxiety and depression. I got out of my suicidal slump from just over a year and a couple months ago, which I know is great. But can I say that things feel right? Not all the time. I still get sad for what seems like no reason out of the blue. I still get anxious about going to work when I have it. I still feel like ultimately I am not good enough. I still have this deep sadness about my relationship with my parents and past trauma that's happened. It's a lot. 


I don't really know why I am even posting this. I more feel like it's my brain having word vomit that needs to come out. Things just don't feel right and I don't know why and I don't know what I need or what direction I'm heading in. It feels like a mess. I guess I am afraid of spiraling down into some dark mental health hole and then I won't have those people to turn to that have helped me so much. It hurts. It feels almost like grief, because I feel like I'm going to be losing people. Smiley Sad and I'm sad..

Re: TW: Things kind of feel wrong

Hey @mspaceK, sorry to hear that you're feeling this way. I'm about two months out from ageing out from here and will have little to no support (I'm on a wait-list for a psychologist and my family doesn't really provide any kind of support).


Have you looked into any support groups? Or, have you formulated any kind of action plan in preparation transitioning out of both Headspace and ReachOut?




Re: TW: Things kind of feel wrong

Hey @hunginc - I'm really sorry you are in this boat. I hope the wait list speeds up for you. 


I only have my friendship group and boyfriend and his family which is great, although I don't talk a lot about mental health with them. I haven't got an action plan yet but I am seeing my GP next week to do a Mental Health Care Plan. 

Re: TW: Things kind of feel wrong

Sorry to hear that you have been feeling this way lately @mspaceK, that sounds really tough. I think its great that you have several supports around you, I hope that they have been able to help you through these tough times. It's also good that you are seeing your GP to organise a MHCP and get some more support. Hopefully you find that to be helpful Smiley Happy Do you have anything planned over this weekend that might help you feel better?

Re: TW: Things kind of feel wrong



Not really. I have work this weekend. Otherwise not much at all. Might work on my puzzle and play some video games and watch netflix. 

Re: TW: Things kind of feel wrong

Hey @mspaceK, I have been reading through your thread and I wanted to say that I am sorry you are still not feeling right. That must be hard to see all the progress you've made and to still feel like things are not 100%. Do you feel like you may still be adjusting to life now that you are out of the slump?

I hope you have a nice weekend, video games and Netflix sounds relaxing. I spent pretty much 80% of yesterday watching Netlfix.

Re: TW: Things kind of feel wrong

Hi @Taylor-RO . It's hard to describe how things feel like they are so wrong when nothing bad is necessarily happening. I mean I'm in a good place. I shouldn't be feeling down and sorta depressed and yet tonight and sometimes other times lately, I do feel like this. It feels like something is wrong and I can't fix it. I know my psychologist in the past has said to try and just observe the emotions and thoughts as they are and not see them as fact. Let them come and go. But still I don't like when I feel like this. 


I think I'm trying to adjust to life out of that slump and with covid. My life doesn't feel normal and I think that is due to a lack of routine. I've been trying to get a full time job and that hasn't been working out so I feel a bit stuck. I also have been spending a lot of time in bed sleeping. 


Also I've been feeling sick in the gut a lot recently too. I'm seeing my GP about it and have to do some follow up tests which makes me anxious but nit has to be done. 

Re: TW: Things kind of feel wrong

Hey @mspaceK I’m sorry to hear this Smiley Sad it seems like these services are really important to you and have given you a lot of support over the years. I can understand why you feel a sense of grief and loss. Since posting this have you looked into any other services for support? 


I have found a thread about ageing out of services that you might be interested in here (I hope the link works) and that there is an upcoming “Ask Me Almost Anything” session with a guest who will talk about this and you can ask questions that you may have? 


I also heard last hear that a Headspace for adults is in the works - I haven’t heard too much about it but it could be something to keep an eye on! 

Re: TW: Things kind of feel wrong

Hi @WinterCalvino . I haven't looked into other services but I have booked in my GP appointment. 


Also I did happen to stumble across that link the other night so I am interested. I'm not sure about what questions I could ask though. 


That sounds awesome about the possible Headspace for adults. 

Re: TW: Things kind of feel wrong

Hey @mspaceK, I think I know the type of feeling you are referring to. It definitely isn't a pleasant one at all, so I am sorry that you are grappling with that at the moment. You mentioned that a lack of routine may be impacting how you are feeling. Would it help to try and put together a routine while you continue to look for work?

And with the aging out thread, you don't need to ask any questions. You can just share how you are feeling about aging out and what you might do to prepare. No pressure though, it can be a tough conversation to have.

I hope your GP appointment goes well Heart