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Re: TW: Things kind of feel wrong

@mspaceK  It's good to hear from you again. Thanks for updating us about how you've been going. Heart
I will really miss chatting with you on here when you turn 26. It can be bittersweet to transition out of services. It can also be difficult having to adjust to new supports, especially if you've been with your old ones for so long. Eight years is such a long time. Smiley Surprised
Something that could make the transition easier is if you ask to be referred to services that are similar to the ones that you're currently seeing or ones that are affiliated with them.

Re: TW: Things kind of feel wrong

Thanks @WheresMySquishy . 


Not really feeling the greatest tonight. Feeling down about job hunting failure among other things. Things still feel wrong and it doesn't seem like I'm going to be able to help it. Feeling pessimistic. :/ 

Re: TW: Things kind of feel wrong

Oh I am sorry that you were feeling down last night @mspaceK Smiley Sad It can be so deflating when you can't find work. Do you think employment is still hard to find due to COVID? I know some of my friends have found it hard to get back into work.

Did you get up to much today?

Re: TW: Things kind of feel wrong

@Taylor-RO I have a casual job with some shifts here and there but nothing consistent. It gives me anxiety not knowing when I'm working and I'm not earning enough to be able to move out with my partner. These random shifts make me super anxious and I'm struggling with feeling confident when I am at my casual job. 


I've been applying and searching for a full time job since mid 2020. The pandemic definitely didn't help in some regard but overall I don't know. I feel like no one wants me. I know I shouldn't take it personally because so many people are job hunting. I just wish something would come my way and I can stop feeling so stuck and crappy. I don't know how to be at peace with where I am and not stress so much about it. Smiley Sad 


I just had a casual shift today and also watched Netflix. 

Re: TW: Things kind of feel wrong

Hey @mspaceK, I dont believe we have met yet, so it is nice to get a chance to talk to you Smiley Happy 
The world of casual employment can be super unsettling, I can completely reside with those feelings of struggling due to random shifts and never feeling secure in life in a way. Always being on a job hunt can be very stressful, and sometimes the best opportunities come when you take a step back and let yourself breathe and reset your goals for a short period of time. Have you had a chance to do this since you began job hunting mid last year? 


It is really great that you have been persistent in your goals with moving out alongside your partner, and wanting to push yourself into a career change! Did you complete studies or have you have a direction of career path you are looking into for the full time employment? 

Good things take time, and sometimes taking a chance to soak up the luxury of having casual shifts can be nice Smiley LOL 

Re: TW: Things kind of feel wrong

Hi @Kaylee-RO . It's nice to meet you too. 


I re-edited my resume over the past couple days and now I'm going to apply for some new jobs in the same field that I have studied. I know I enjoy this field of study, just getting a job is really hard. I've also been considering upskilling, but I cannot afford to do the courses at the place(s) I want so I need to have a consistent income to even consider that. 


I'm also meant to be moving out with my partner and we can't until we both have full time work. Ugh - it's so stressful. 

Re: TW: Things kind of feel wrong

@mspaceK I think that is a great idea, and it's always refreshing cleaning up your resume/cover letter, it kind of represents a clean slate for you to start again Smiley Happy

It's great that you're looking for work in your area of study, do you mind me asking what that is? 

Investing in yourself is always a great idea, but ensuring you are adequately supported is also important, so waiting until you are financially ready definitely isn't a bad thing!


Have you been doing anything nice for yourself during the big job hunt? Smiley Happy

Re: TW: Things kind of feel wrong

@mspaceK Same position as you. I've been looking for a job since late last year. I guess I'll put off my goal of moving out and finding a place for myself until I'm a fully qualified <insert profession here> haha 


Seems like you have things to work towards. Wishing you all the best

Re: TW: Things kind of feel wrong

How have you been doing lately @mspaceK?
I really hope you can find a job. Thins are really tough out there at the moment, but I feel like any employer would be lucky to have you. Heart