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TW: Traumatic News

Recently I’ve found some pretty traumatic news, that I have early stages diabetes and it’s pretty high. It’s really changed my relationship with food. Because of University as a result of the stress and expectations I over-ate junk food and added onto my weight problems. Now when I eat food, it doesn’t taste good. It doesn’t matter if it’s sugar free cookies, pasta, salad, tuna, soup or cereal, salmon, chicken and crackers. No matter what I eat... no matter how well I cook it. It doesn’t taste good. I’ve started to hate meal time, it feels like a poison (because of my new illness) to my body that’s slowly eating away at me. Its tiring to feed myself, I find myself having coffee for breakfast a handful of almonds at lunch time. I don’t get hungry at normal times and feeding myself leaves me with this disgustingly glutinous  feeling like I’m a big fat pig over-stuffing myself even though I don’t eat much. I used to love cooking and now I don’t cook at all, I don’t do any of the stuff I enjoy, no drawing, i barely go to the movies or hang out with my friends I’m not motivated to go outside much only for Uni and bits of work. Even though there’s people in my life that promised to be there with me through this journey I find myself alone. Words are nice but when I turn around there’s no one there. It kind of made me realise also that the only reason I can get support or love from anybody around me is when I’m sick. Isn’t that messed up? I have to be ILL for them to pay attention to me? I have the tablets for it but I’m not very organised and forget sometimes. Maybe this new illness didn’t create all my issues for me but it did make me realise... that I actually have nothing. Even if I spend my nights crying or acting bizarre not a single person in my life will notice, that my life is very sad and pathetic. I don’t know what this loss of appetite, crying all the time, lack of motivation is. I used to be a very joyous person and now nothing makes me happy. I’m just stuck, any advice on how to get out of this rut deal with such awful news? What’s happening to me? It feels like everything bad is happening at all at once.                                                           -Much appreciated Yolk. 


Re: Traumatic News

Hi @Yolk, welcome to the forums!


It sounds like a huge amount is happening for you at the moment, I'm not surprised that your finding it hard..

I and others on the forums are here if you need to talk. 


I know of quite a few resources that you may find useful, I'll just need a little while to collect all of the links.

There's no pressure to go through or use every one of them, but at least that way you'll have somewhere to start, and have the option to use them if you choose. 


Re: Traumatic News

Support for people with diabetes:


There's a National Diabetes Services Scheme. Chances are that you've heard of it, however if you're newly diagnosed you may not have had much chance to explore the website.

This link takes you to a page on what services they can offer:


Diabetes Australia seems to have some good resources, this link takes you to a page for people who've just been diagnosed:


Most states seem to have their own diabetes support services, so another thing that you can do is type your state/ territory or city plus the words "diabetes support" into google.



Help for issues around food:


The Butterfly Foundation is a website specifically made for people with eating issues:


This is another thread on the forums that's for sharing tips on eating for those of us who struggle with it:

Feel free to add anything or ask any questions there.




A couple of apps that help with remembering medication:

Or you could try one of these things:

Related image


Various supports:

Kids helpline:



It can be really frightening when things start going wrong and you don't know why.

It might be good to check in with a doctor.


Anyway, I hope that some of this's useful, and that things start looking up for you soon. 




Re: TW: Traumatic News

Hi @Yolk! Welcome to the forums!

I'm really sorry about your diagnosis. Smiley Sad Diabetes runs in my family and I've known other people who have been diagnosed with it. It can be so frustrating and debilitating at times. But if it is well-managed, symptoms and test results can actually be reversed or at least reduced. There have been a lot of advancements in diabetes research and treatment. It is possible to have a fulfilling life with diabetes.

I think it's normal to feel shock and other emotions after receiving news like this. It can be really hard to accept a diagnosis. Can your GP direct you towards any support groups or other services in your area? One of my family members with diabetes attended one and it improved their health. You could also ask them if there are any resources regarding information and self-help for diabetes. I came across a book about dealing with chronic illness and found it really helpful for my family and I.

It can be so hard to remember to take medications, especially if they are constantly changing or you are first starting to take them. Are you able to make a paper-based tracker or use an app to track your medications? I have a chronic illness and I'm very forgetful when it comes to taking all my medications and doing other things to improve my health, such as exercises and lifestyle things. I use an app called MyTherapy to remind myself to take medication and I also keep a habit tracker. This one is free and has no ads. This one is also good but I think you can only track a certain number of habits in the free version, which is a bit annoying if you're on a lot of medication. You can also make your own tracker or find one online, such as this printable one.

I think @Tiny_leaf's advice is really helpful too. Smiley Happy