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Re: What do I do about my brother

@stressedsister  It's disappointing that the hospital discharged him even though you raised some concerns about his safety. Smiley Sad I know that you can't force him to see someone. You could suggest that he calls the numbers and continue supporting him. Would he be open to you and him making a safety plan together? BeyondBlue has a good resource for this. There is also a useful article about how to make one here.

It's great that you have such good friends. Smiley Happy I think family support would be important too. I know from experience that it's hard to look after a family member on your own. Are you able to talk to your mum and her partner about getting some extra support to help you look out for your brother?

Would you be able to find some support from an organisation for carers? Some of them are listed here. Depending on your state, you might also be able to find mental health-specific ones such as this website. They can offer things like phone counselling, online forums, and advice. You can also download resources like an emergency care plan template, which might be useful to have on hand if your brother experiences another crisis or attempt.

Re: What do I do about my brother

Hi everyone, it has been amazing to see you all supporting each other so well on this thread Heart The resources and care shown here is just heart-warming. I just jumped on to say that due to the topics mentioned in this thread (drug use and suicide etc.), I have added a TW to the title and moved it to the Tough Times section of the forum. This is to keep everyone on Reach Out safe! Thanks for understanding Smiley Happy