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Re: TW Why bother

@Tiny_leaf I'm so sorry you fell yesterday, that must have been so horrible on top of everything else you've got going on. Is there still a lot of pain in your hip today?


I'm really feeling for you @Tiny_leaf, I wish there was something I could do or say to make it better, I want you to know that we are really here for you and care about you so much.

Are you up to anything today? How is Leo going and how are your fish? 

Re: TW Why bother

@Hannah-RO Not too much now, but there's a particularly ugly bruise on my hip.


I've got horse riding today which is good I guess.

Leo and the fish are going okay.


I'm really tired.

Re: TW Why bother

Nearly fainted off my horse.

Was almost unconscious by the time I found somewhere safe to lie down. (Horses are tall and have clompy feet)


The horse started running suddenly and it really threw me off (figuratively, I managed to stay on him)

I was able to get him under control but I think what happened is that it freaked out my nervous system and caused a sudden blood pressure drop.


It was really embarasing, because I had to just get off the horse and lie down on the ground in front of everyone.

And because it's riding for the disabled one of the other people had an intellectual disability I think, and seeing me doing that scared him a bit because he wasn't sure what was going on.


And then we had to fill in an incident report and it was just unnecessarily dramatic.


On another note I think I know what happened. It's called a vasovagal reflex and it's the same thing that causes people to faint when they see blood.

But I'm still going to have to get my blood pressure and heart and everything checked out by my go.

Re: TW Why bother

That sounds particularly scary, I'm glad you got out of their ok! It's also good that you have an idea of what could've caused this as well - though I'm glad you're getting a check up just in case 

Re: TW Why bother

@Andrea-RO yeah it wasn't fun...

Especially just lying on the ground while everyone around me was trying to decide on the appropriate level of worry.

Re: TW Why bother

Ah! That sounds like such a full on experience @Tiny_leaf especially since you're so aware of others feelings. How is your body feeling today, still a bit sore? 

Re: TW Why bother

@Bre-RO my body's just sorta plodding along.

But also I'm really tired emotionally. I need a nap. Like, forever.

Re: TW Why bother

Maybe you can do some nice things to nurture your body and mind tonight @Tiny_leaf I've been feeling really sore and drained recently so having lots of salt baths, wearing comfy clothes and re-watching movies/tv shows that I like have been helping me. What do you think you might get up to tonight? 

Re: TW Why bother


Trying to avoid a panic attack.

I hate the fucking NDIS

Re: TW Why bother

Oh no, that sounds crap @Tiny_leaf. What helps with avoiding panick attacks for you? I hope it works!

Do you have to deal with the NDIS tonight?