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Re: TW Why bother

I missed the live GR Smiley Sad


Idk I just had to distract myself a lot.


The NDIS has only just started on my review. I've been waiting for the results for months and they could only bother getting started on it yesterday.

My old LAC is a piece of shit who left two weeks ago without telling us, and apparently the LAC organization that the NDIS has put its workload onto hasn't found a replacement yet.

Re: TW Why bother

It sucks to hear that you have only hear back about your review just recently @Tiny_leaf. Sounds like the process with NDIS has been quite slow, I can imagine that would be quite frustrating at times. How have you been managing these feelings so far? 

Re: TW Why bother

@Sophia-RO I haven't.

I've just been doing nothing because it's all I really can do.

Re: TW Why bother

It sucks that you feel like you are not able to do much to help yourself feel better @Tiny_leaf. It must be quite hard feeling that way. Do you have any enjoyable activities planned for tonight?

Re: TW Why bother

@Sophia-RO no because I don't have enough control over anything to plan activities for myself.

Re: TW Why bother

I am sorry to hear that @Tiny_leaf, I can imagine that it must feel really disempowering. Can someone else help you do something that you enjoy?

Re: TW Why bother

@Taylor-RO probably not my parents are both really busy.

Re: TW Why bother

Hey @Tiny_leaf , that sounds like such a frustrating process, it sucks that navigating a system that's meant to help support you can be such a stressful experience Smiley Sad  I hope you get an outcome from your review soon... I do know of a few support sites for people who are dealing with the NDIS, if you think that would be helpful at all am happy to pass on those details. 


How are your new fish settling in, do you have plans for any more? 


Check out our community activities calendar here

Re: TW Why bother

@Janine-RO it's not fucking fair.


And no thanks just because I don't want to read another hundred stories about how shitty the NDIS is and the new ways they've come up with to devalue disabled people.


My fish seem to be doing okay, I'll be getting more in my second tank once I'm sure the tank can cope with it.

Re: TW Why bother

My OT came over but I was too tired so she left early.

We hardly have any time left in my plan and they haven't even done the review yet.

Apparently the NDIS is so crap at making decisions that heaps of people have to ask for a review, so they have a massive backlog.

Meanwhile I'm running out of funding.


I just want to hide somewhere and cry but it feels so pointless and I don't have the energy anyway.