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Re: TW Why bother

I am sorry to hear that @Tiny_leaf. I can imagine that it must make you feel really powerless especially when you are feeling down or distressed Smiley Sad

Re: TW Why bother

I know, people keep saying.

Re: TW Why bother

Hey @Tiny_leaf - I know I'm not telling you anything you don't already know when I say that so many people are finding navigating the NDIS really tough going at the moment, and all of the proposed/ rumoured changes make things even more stressful and uncertain. 


Apologies if you're already aware of this, but there's a pretty huge push at the moment from a range of disability advocates/ professional organisations/ all sorts of peak bodies to make sure that disabled people's voices are heard about their experiences with the NDIS, and especially the impact of proposed changes like  mandatory individual assessments would have. This website has been set up so you can literally write whatever message you would like (or record a video or voice message) and that will become part of a submission that goes to the parlimentary joint committee looking into proposed changes, as well as every single MP and senator etc. 


Sorry -that was way more long winded than I meant it to be!! But basically, if you're up to sharing how you're feeling on this form it's a really simple and effective way of making your voice heard - the NDIS is supposed to be based on the principles of choice and control, ad it's really important that people making those decisions are aware of the experiences of people who are actually living it. I've made a submission along with a lot of people I know... totally no pressure at all, just thought it might be worth mentioning.  


I'm sorry things are so tough going with it all at the moment @Tiny_leaf , you truly do deserve better. 


How is Leo going, is he still a bit of a ratbag or has he settled down a bit? 


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Re: TW Why bother

Thanks @Janine-RO I'll look into that.

Yeah he's still pretty naughty. I took him to dog training and we actually had to check to see if he was deaf. He's not deaf. He just choose not to listen.

He also tried to play with a pregnant blue tongue. She started getting contractions (they give birth to live young) while I was rescuing her. 

Re: TW Why bother

I'm really upset.

People are shitty and I hate it.

Re: TW Why bother

Hey @Tiny_leaf 

Smiley Sad I'm sorry people are shitty and you're upset, do you want to talk more about what is going on at the moment?

Hope you're doing ok today, here is some cute animal content that i hope lifts your spirits a lil bit Heart thinking of you

happy baby animals GIF by San Diego Zooblack and white cat GIF

salamanders swimming GIF

tired bow tie GIF

Re: TW Why bother

Its hard to explain.

Its not like anyone can do anything about it now anyway.

Re: TW Why bother

I am sorry that other people have made you feel so upset @Tiny_leaf. We are always here if you ever feel like trying to explain or sharing more.

Re: TW Why bother

I want to but I can't deal with explaining it all again.

Re: TW Why bother

Ahhh yes, I see @Tiny_leaf. That is fair enough - explaining things again can be very exhausting and traumatising Smiley Sad

What does the Easter weekend look like in your household?