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Re: TW: drowning

very hard Smiley Sad @gina-RO i just need to let go...

replied Smiley Wink

Re: TW: drowning

@litgym thanks for your reply.

I know today is really really tough. Remember that you've made it through every single day so far, and you can again Heart

 We can keep chatting in email. 


I'm leaving ReachOut on the 5th of June Smiley Sad Say goodbye here

Re: TW: drowning

Hey @litgym,

How's everything going at the moment Heart ? Stay Strong xo

Re: TW: drowning

@annabethxchase thanks Smiley HappyHeart


relapsed after 9 days....i could not sit still in french, it was so bad. my french teacher got so pissed hahaha dont even know how she survived with me.

Re: TW: drowning

Naw I'm sorry to hear that @litgym, can you stay safe for the rest of the day? Does the injury require medical attention? Here to talk about it.

Re: TW: drowning

@annabethxchase i will try and stay safe since i don’t want self-harm obvious at a pool party tmrw :/ and it doesn’t need medical attention. 

Re: TW: drowning

Fantastic to hear @litgym! Is there anything I can do to help at the moment Heart ? Here for you xo

Re: TW: drowning

@annabethxchase just talking is great Smiley Happy im actually really excited for all the self-care ive planned for tonight, mums even buying me pizza just for this !!

Re: TW: drowning

OMG what are you doing? TELL ME!!! PIZZA?!

Re: TW: drowning

okay so ill do a list


- netflix 

- face mask 

- self-love playlist

- probably hang around the forums

- talk to backup khl counsellor 

- pizza !!!!!

and probably other things Smiley Happy