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Re: TW: managing my safety and depression

Aw thanks @mspaceK 🥰
I’m sorry for being in the pain in the first place tho.. maybe if I didn’t have problems I wouldn’t be a problem. Also wouldn’t be labeled too skinny either 😒
I can’t gain weight because I can’t eat that much yet so idk how I can do it.
Anddddd my mum said I was too skinny the other day too.. sorry if this is too much info but I was constipated on the weekend and asked mum if I could get laxatives because it literally hurt so much and looked like I was pregnant.. but Mum said NO! You’re too skinny
That hurt too

Re: TW: managing my safety and depression

Oh @Bananatime04 ! That sounds painful i am so sorry that happenned. And it's okay I've heard gross stuff like that before! 


You are definitely not a burden or a problem for having problems! We all have things we struggle with and we shouldn't have to apologise for that. 

Re: TW: managing my safety and depression

Thanks for helping me tonight @mspaceK Smiley Happy
I’m gonna try get some sleep now and hopefully I might be back tomorrow.. I have my second training shift for my job tomorrow! Yay 🥴

Re: TW: managing my safety and depression

I'm glad I could be here for you @Bananatime04 . Good luck tomorrow and goodnight Smiley Happy 

Re: TW: managing my safety and depression

Hey @Bananatime04, just a very quick message to say that we are always happy for you to be completely open about how you're feeling. You are a really important part of this community, and it's important for you to feel supported as well. Heart


Thank you @mspaceK for your words tonight, it's been really nice to read. Smiley Happy


Re: TW: managing my safety and depression

Thanks @mspaceK and @mrmusic ❤️

Re: TW: managing my safety and depression

Hey @Bananatime04 and @mspaceK,


I'm just catching up on this thread. There is information here on exactly what each type of mental health professional can do. 


"Psychologists and clinical psychologists treat mental health disorders. Psychologists have specialist training in diagnosing, treating and preventing mental health problems so that you can get on with your life. They often specialise in different areas, and in different approaches, so sometimes you may have to meet a few practitioners before you find the right person for your situation. Clinical psychologists are psychologists who work in hospitals.

Psychiatrists are medical doctors with specialised training in mental health issues. They treat mental health disorders such as depression, severe anxiety, schizophrenia and bipolar disorder. They can decide whether you need medication as part of your treatment, and are able to prescribe it for you."


Also other medical doctors can diagnose and prescribe medication (aka your GP). If you're not sure who you should book an appointment with, ReachOut Next Step is a good first port of call.

“Your now is not your forever."
― John Green, Turtles All the Way Down

Re: TW: managing my safety and depression

Thank you for this information @MisoBear .

Re: TW: managing my safety and depression

@Bananatime04 in addition to what @MisoBear said:


GPs often avoid prescribing mental health medications unless it's just a repeat referral, though this can depend on the gp.


Clinical psychologists can diagnose issues, both formally and informally. If you want a formal diagnosis you might have to specifically ask for one. You can also ask for a kinda "screening" where the psychologist assesses your overall mental health and diagnoses you with whatever they think is appropriate. (This is how I got diagnosed)

I don't think that they do prescriptions though.


Psychiatrists can prescribe medication. Idk if they do diagnoses, because it tends to be a lot cheaper to see a psychologist for that..

Re: TW: managing my safety and depression

Also just to clear something up for myself, I know that there are guidelines about diagnosing others, but are there any around self diagnosis?

@Bre-RO or @Claire-RO do you know?