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Re: TW: managing my safety and depression

Hey @Tiny_leaf 


Thanks for asking about this!  


There aren't any community guidelines around self diagnosis. It's great to have the self awareness to notice symptoms and how that relates to your mental health.


What we would say though is that it's best to explore your thoughts with a professional who is trained to make a diagnosis. That way you aren't carrying around any uncertainty and you are able to access the right supports. 


You did a great job of explaining what you know about mental health professionals. If you or anyone else wants to read on ReachOut actually did a whole article that distinguishes professionals hereSmiley Happy 

Re: TW: managing my safety and depression

Thanks for clarifying @Bre-RO 

That's good to know, since most of my diagnoses were originally self diagnoses which were later confirmed by a professional. 

Re: TW: managing my safety and depression

Hey @Bananatime04!
I only just saw your post, and my day had been pretty good. Today has been awesome and full of exercise, so that made me happy!

That skill sounds pretty cool! I wish I could see it...

How have you been today?

Re: TW: managing my safety and depression

Wow thank you so much for all this @MisoBear and @Tiny_leaf! This is such helpful information!
I’m gonna have a better read of the links after I finish work..
oh yea I have work 😬 I’m super nervous

Re: TW: managing my safety and depression

Today’s been great @xXLexi_Lou122Xx! I got my appointment card so I’m definitely seeing the school nurse which I’m really happy about.. also in wood I started making a dog bed which is so fun! My friend and I are making the same one so I’ve been helping her out too.
What kinds of exercise did you do? Smiley Happy

Re: TW: managing my safety and depression

That's really good!
A dog bed sounds like Eddie will benefit from it a lot too! I was told that I'm pretty good at woodwork, and I got a straight A for it. Do you like woodwork?

I did all sorts of exercise, but I'll tell you what I did.
In Science, we did dodgeball, and red rover. Then in HPE, we did a bunch of ball games, including red rover, and then in Gym, we used the machines. There was the PEC Fly machine, the Seated Row, Chest Press, Leg Press/Calf Raise, Sit-ups, and Rowing machine. Then we stretched. I made myself a little unwell, and could have possibly passed out, but I didn't do anymore exercise after that. So now I'm here, and chilling out.

What did you do at school today? or did you not go? I have to go to school every day, unless I'm vomiting or unconscious.

Re: TW: managing my safety and depression

Sorry @xXLexi_Lou122Xx I was at work and got my first pay! I got $27.50 just for 2 hours! I’m so impressed.. I thought it’d be like 5 bucks!
Yea I love wood! I’ve only made a coffee table, stool and now the dog bed but I literally lost the stool.. I couldn’t find it today so I started something new 😆
That sounds like an intense day! You must be so exhausted.. that’s me after training
Today at school I had double wood, double religion and double art. It’s the best day on my timetable because it’s got two double electives and they’re my favourite options. Religion was alright.. I started my essay about a significant journey in my life and I chose to do it on my mental health Smiley Happy
I have to go everyday too unless we have to go somewhere, I’m sick or I have bad cramps

Re: TW: managing my safety and depression

That’s okay @Bananatime04!
I’m proud of you! When I get a job in a couple of years time, I’m probably gonna work at woolies or subway to start off with... kinda like you, I guess.

That’s pretty good pay for 2 hours!

You’ve made more objects than me! I only made an obstacle course for a sphero to roll through. It was pretty good though, and I must say, the sanding job I did was amazing... and the nailing/hammering etc was good too.

Yeah, I am very exhausted. I finally got to the end of the day, which was 4th period, and I was a bit dizzy... I don’t know why I get like that, but oh well. It’s still a condition I’m looking into with my gp’s help, but we still haven’t figured it out yet.

At least you get your favourite subjects! I only get 1. Even then, it’s home ex, so I like it.

That sounds like a good idea for an essay! I know I could probably write a book on my life right now, but you understand how life is.

That’s fair enough. I don’t get really bad cramps. I’ve only ever had one, and even then, I had Panadol, and it was much more bearable.

Re: TW: managing my safety and depression

Sorry @xXLexi_Lou122Xx I fell asleep
How’ve you been today?
Today we could wear casual clothes but had to wear green so that was fun 😒 I hate green!

Re: TW: managing my safety and depression

Omg my boyfriend sent me a distressing photo of self harm 😣 it was the worst  I’ve ever seen and I don’t feel very good