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Re: TW: managing my safety and depression

Hey @Bananatime04 


Glad to hear you're feeling better after making the decision - it sounds like your friendships are really important, it's nice to see your friends value you so much Heart 


Thanks for bringing up your concerns around breaking the guidelines. We want to acknowledge your feelings around not being able to post everything that is going on for you. It's really important to have people you can "let it all out" to. We want you to know that there are plenty of places for you to say whatever you like Heart That is why accessing face-to-face support is so valuable - they are able to talk through topics we can't have online. There are also other online spaces that don't have the same guidelines that we do. 


We also want you to know that ReachOut is a place that you can get support, ideas and friendship. What we can't do on the forums is potentially put other people in distress and that is why we have guidelines that need to be followed. The nature of our community is that we are online (which means anybody can read what is on here and thousands of young people do read the forums while never posting) and also that we are here for young people who need support with their mental health. It's important to remember that lots of people come here to feel better - so we have to make sure that we aren't triggering people who are already in distress. 


I can see that you mentioned feeling scared about the return plan. I want to assure you that the only purpose of the plan is to support you to make safe posts on the forums - that's because we want you here on the forums and to avoid any bans. We will continue to provide you with all the support we can to help you post safely Heart 


Re: TW: managing my safety and depression

Hey @Bananatime04.
Are you okay?
I’m here if you want to listen. ❤️

edit: I’m here if you want to talk about it. Dam the auto correct sentences!


Re: TW: managing my safety and depression

Hi @Bananatime04 and our amazing community members who have offered support on this thread,


I wanted to make sure that all community members could easily find your update on how you are feeling and see what you are going through at the moment. I have moved the conversation across to a new thread here, hoping that a new thread will boost the number of posts of support you receive too Heart Just about to reply to you on the other thread Heart


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