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Re: TW the past is still hurting me so much

@Tiny_leaf  Chest infections are nasty! Smiley Sad I used to get a lot of them and I missed out on a lot of school as a result. I'm on some topical steroids for my eyes but luckily I haven't noticed any side effects with those ones, just the antibiotics.

I think I actually have a frog one too! I remember getting it from an amazing huge Toys-R-Us. Then it closed and was replaced by another giant toy store. Once, I was on holiday and also picked up these amazing stretchy caterpillars with little 'hairs' on them that are so satisfying to pull. I should try and find them! My physios used to get me to stretch resistance bands and rubber bands and I found that I actually enjoyed doing those exercises because they felt so satisfying and therapeutic. There's something relaxing about physically creating a lot of pressure and tension and then releasing it.

Re: TW the past is still hurting me so much

@WheresMySquishy I'm glad there haven't been side effects with those for you..

My chest is getting better fortunately, hopefully it'll sort itself out soon..


I've seen those caterpillar thingies, they confuse me.. Smiley Tongue

My chiropractor suggested one of those resistance bands things, do you just buy them from physiotherapists? 

Re: TW the past is still hurting me so much

@Tiny_leaf  I'm so glad!

We bought ours from the physio place I go to but I think that you can order them online. The brand of mine is called Theraband. I have used it heaps of times and it hasn't broken and is still going strong. You might also be able to find some similar ones in shops like Kmart, Big W, Rebel and Aldi. I think the Aldi ones tend to come and go and Rebel can be a bit expensive though.

Re: TW the past is still hurting me so much

@WheresMySquishy thank you!! That's really useful to know.

Re: TW the past is still hurting me so much

@Tiny_leaf I got my resistance band from physio when I went for my bad ankle. But as @WheresMySquishy said you can get it from other places. I hope you feel better emotionally and physically.

Re: TW the past is still hurting me so much

@Beautifullybroken thanks!! I hope your ankle's doing alright - it's so easy for stuff to go wrong with ankles..

And I was able to rest and see my chiropractor yesterday, so I'm in a lot less pain today.

Re: TW the past is still hurting me so much

That is really great to hear @Tiny_leaf Heart 


I've noticed there have been a few members talking about pain recently, and I would be curious to get your thoughts about how to support someone to find the right help. I have heard good things about chiropractors and would love to hear your thoughts about what someone should look for when picking/being referred to a chiropractor?


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Re: TW the past is still hurting me so much

@Jess1-RO I'll let you know about the best ways to get help once I've figured it out myself Smiley Tongue


Hmm... with chiropractors you need to be pretty careful...

I'm lucky in that mine has a lot of knowledge and knows what she's doing and why she does it. A friend of mine (who has possibly the dodgiest neck on Earth) actually recommended her to me.

Some chiropractors are a little.. dodgy though.. If they start talking about adjusting energy flow or stuff like that, be cautious. If they say that adjusting your back is gonna cure cancer/ asthma, get out of there.

And ask questions about what they're doing.

My chiropractor can describe in detail how what she's doing will affect the muscles/ nerves, and it's a habit of hers to point out the muscles/ nerves on an anatomical chart on her wall.

I'd personally be cautious of people who aren't willing to explain what they're doing - because sometimes that can mean that they don't know.

My chiropractor is a life saver, and has been more valuable to me than my gp, so don't dismiss them all completely, but do be careful when choosing one.


I hope some of that helped!

Re: TW the past is still hurting me so much

@Jess1-RO  I've heard of people having a few bad experiences with chiropractors, so I've always been a bit iffy about them, but some are a lot better than others. In my opinion, there a few 'red flags' that suggest that a practitioner is dodgy.

One of these is that they claim that the same treatment 'cures' a lot of conditions, or can help with everything. This is especially an issue if they say that the treatment cures mental disorders. If they claim to treat babies and things like colic, there's usually something not right about them. They should be clear about exactly what kind of conditions they can treat and the limits of their expertise from the first appointment. This could also be something you can call and ask them about in advance. Over-the-phone advice and opinions should be free.

Chiropractors should not wary of medicine and allied health professionals. I have seen some 'health professionals' claim that there is some kind of conspiracy with the medical profession or that their treatment is being suppressed. This is another red flag. Good chiropractors should be willing to refer patients onto other health professionals. It would be weird if they aren't doing so regularly. It's a good idea to ask them, 'What happens if I have still not recovered after the treatment?'

Their theory of how the treatment is going to work should be supported by science and reference to the body, not by ancient knowledge, 'energy', qi, chakras, or things like that. We can't prove that things like qi exist. Those power balance bracelets were also advertised to 'change the body's energy fields to optimise sporting ability' and they were found to be no better than a placebo. What a chiropractor says should make sense. They should be upfront about the research and evidence behind what they are doing and have legitimate credentials. Additionally, all the research should not be authored by one person or group. If a treatment isn't working, the reasons why should make sense. They shouldn't say things like, 'You are not trying hard enough', 'You must not be doing it correctly', 'You're never going to admit you are getting better' and 'No other treatment is going to work'.

I also think that bedside manner is really important. The chiropractor should be willing to work together with the patient, not act 'high and mighty' and have some kind of God complex. They should not interrupt what a patient is saying and discount what they have to say outright. I think patients are less likely to trust practitioners like this. They should seem friendly and genuinely interested in the patient, not in their own personal gain. They should not get patients to communicate with other professionals on their behalf. It should be their responsibility to communicate and sort out any issues. I once had a doctor tell me, 'Could you ask the physio I'm about to refer you to why he isn't sending me follow-up letters about my patients?' This made me wonder whether patients were going elsewhere or whether the treatment wasn't actually effective.

Re: TW the past is still hurting me so much

@Tiny_leaf my ankle is alright. I just have balance issues. I've always been really clumsy though. It's great you found a chiro that works for you. Unfortunately, there are both good and bad practitioners. There is a lot of dodgy pseudoscience out there.