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Re: TW the past is still hurting me so much

Hi @Tiny_leaf,


I am so sorry for the bad experiences you have had. You don't deserve to be treated like that and you were right to have reported your case manager so maybe others won't have the same experiences as you.


Do you have any close friends/family who are supporting you through this time?


We are here for you ❤️

Re: TW the past is still hurting me so much

@Beautifullybroken thank you. And a bit sore, my legs don't like me today...


Thank you @dog_lover94. And kinda? I don't get much support with it actually... 

Re: TW the past is still hurting me so much

Hey @Tiny_leaf, that sucks to hear that you're not well with your sore legs today Smiley Sad - have you tried taking something to alleviate the pain yet?

Also, when you say that you don't get much support from your family/family... do you mean that you're not receiving enough support? Or they are giving you support, just not the right support that you need (does that make sense?)?

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Re: TW the past is still hurting me so much

Hi @Esperanza67. Yeah, I took pain relief eventually. I try to hold off taking it for as long as I can though, since I'm pretty much always in some kind of pain and they aren't really designed to be used for extended periods of time..


And a bit of both?

My parents book and pay for and take me to appointments, but I don't really get any emotional support...

They also have a habit of begging me to open up to them so that they know how I feel, then getting annoyed if I'm feeling the "wrong" thing, before getting annoyed again that I don't tell them how I feel very much.

Re: TW the past is still hurting me so much

Hi @Tiny_leaf
Sorry for my late response!
I can completely understand that it will take time to trust professionals again, especially since you've had some not so great experiences Smiley Sad
That must be really hard to open up and then someone getting annoyed if you 'feel the wrong thing'. Do you feel as though you can open up here on RO? We really care about you! Heart

Re: TW the past is still hurting me so much

Aww... I'm sorry I haven't been on lately @Tiny_leaf!


I can relate to the past hurting so much still.
Feeling angry and bitter are very tough feelings to sit with. I've also been there. I think we've all been there.
In one of my past threads, I had to deal with flashbacks too.


I promise you aren't alone on this one.


I was feeling numb and empty before I read your post. But reading this, made my heart melt. I wish I could've been here when you needed it. But I'm here now.Heart


Again, like everyone else has said on this thread so far, I completely agree. Trusting new medical professionals can be hard, but I feel like you need to try one more time.


Ever since you came to these forums, you've been such a wonderful person. Not just a user, but a wonderfully, beautifully made, human being.Heart


I may not be able to help much, but just know that we are all here behind you.

We love you here, and we hate to see other users go through this.


Maybe some self-care would be helpful to start off with.

Just keep holding on. The good things will be here soon. I'm sorry I haven't been on, and I think some users need that little ray of sunshine. I'll try to be on more often, Because you and everyone deserves it.


Keep fighting Tiny_leaf! Just one day at a time. One minute at a time. Even just a second at a time. Heart


Please keep holding on. even if it's by a finger.



//Nothing is impossible. The word itself says "I'm Possible"//

Re: TW the past is still hurting me so much

Hi @missep, and thank you.

And yes I can. RO and the people here feel much.. safer I guess to open up to than my parents.

I find everyone on here really supportive, and feel safe from being judged here. 

Re: TW the past is still hurting me so much

Thank you so much @xXLexi_Lou122Xx. I can't find words very well at the moment, but I really appreciate your reply. 

Re: TW the past is still hurting me so much

That must be hard @Tiny_leaf. I'm so sorry that you aren't getting a lot of support.

But we are always here to chat if you need it! ❤️

Re: TW the past is still hurting me so much

That's okay @Tiny_leaf. I'm just glad that I can help somebody, especially after feeling numb, myself.

How ae you feeling today?