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Re: TW trying to cope with too much

@Eden1717 have you tried any therapies that don't involve just sitting and talking to someone?

(like working with an occupational therapist it something )

And if so, did it help much/ at all?



Asking because I'm looking for ideas for myself, not to be judgmental if you haven't 


Re: TW trying to cope with too much

Is anyone around?

Re: TW trying to cope with too much

@Tiny_leaf  Yes I have and it depends on the issue... some things it can be helpful for example some of the sensory things can be good for keeping calm and getting to things early so they don’t get worse, but other things like the seeing/hearing/beliefs stuff it has not been helpful for.... so it kind of depends what for and who the professional is...

Re: TW trying to cope with too much

@Eden1717 sensory stuff has definitely been good for me too. I haven't heard of the other one though..

Re: TW trying to cope with too much

@Tiny_leaf  Sorry I wrote that badly, I meant that the sensory stuff can be good for keeping calm but not for hearing/seeing/belief issues. As in it doesn’t help reduce those issues or help me cope with them... 

Re: TW trying to cope with too much

@Eden1717 ohh that makes sense. (knowing me I managed to miss an important word or something)

I think I once used sensory stuff to "cover up" the sound of a hallucination once which worked okay-ish, but otherwise yeah..

Re: TW trying to cope with too much

@Tiny_leaf  Yeah the sensory stuff only helps me with anxiety and only mild anxiety if it is extreme then it doesn’t help at all. It is also not helpful for my mood issues or my OCD or my eating disorder. Except I suppose sometimes when I am manic the sensory stuff can help to stop me from completely bouncing off the walls as it can give me a physical outlet for the excessive energy but again it isn’t a big help and only works for a short time like 10 minutes before I have to move around again. 

Re: TW trying to cope with too much

@Tiny_leaf It's understandable that you're struggling to be optimistic. The process of applying for NDIS does that to a lot of people - it isn't always fair and you're feelings are valid. Is there anything that helps take your mind off this stuff, when it gets overwhelming? Distractions can be good when you're having to wait to hear back some important news. 


Hope you're okay Heart 




It's good that you have an understanding of what does/doesn't work for you, and when it might work. I agree that sensory stuff is good for mild anxiety or intervening before escalating to a place that is harder to come down from. 


Does anyone in the community have any strategies they use, when really distressed? 

Re: TW trying to cope with too much

Hallucinations today.

Mostly just annoying but I'm worried they'll get worse

Idk what I can do about it though

Anyway the hallucination caused weird flashback type things and just.. isn't great. 

Re: TW trying to cope with too much

@Tiny_leaf  When you have your hallucinations how do you experience them? As in do they feel like they are inside your head or outside your head? Also do you ever experience delusional type thoughts with them? Are you feeling better today?