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Re: TW- what’s holding me back from suicide?

@Bananatime04 your teachers will probably not tell you this, and your school definitely won't. But: your well-being is more important than your homework.


My suggestion would be sort your homework into these categories. 

•Probably just there because our teacher had to give us homework

•There so we can practice a skill we already know

•There so we can practice a new skill

•Part of a small assignment/ test

•Part of a big assignment

Do your homework when it is healthy for you to be doing homework.

When you do homework, start from the bottom category first.

You might not even get to the homework in categories further up. That is okay. You are more important than grades or homework. 

Re: TW- what’s holding me back from suicide?

Thanks @Timy_leaf but most of the homework is like actually assignments, essays and long work sheets that need to be done and we only get like a week on each thing and as soon as it’s done there is something new.. also we don’t get given like hardly any time in class to even do half of these things so it’s just so much pressure and I can’t quit gymnastics because it’s my life.. it’s one of the only things I look forward to now and if it was gone then I would have nothing. I have no hobbies or special skills or whatever because gymnastics is just everything to me.

Re: TW- what’s holding me back from suicide?

Hey @Bananatime04. How are you doing?
Haven't seen you around the forums lately.

I also realised that I have levelled up to a star contributor like you.

Re: TW- what’s holding me back from suicide?

I’m doing ok I guess.. I feel like I’ve had a lot of stress taken away over the past week as my assignments have just reduced to none!
Oh shit i forgot I am supposed to be talking to my counsellor like right now.. I’m so sorry
Good job for the star contributor! I don’t really know what it means but I feel like your happy about it?? So good job!
Sorry I haven’t been talking on other threads lately that’s probably why you haven’t seen me.. I just haven’t been at the right state to be supporting other users. Sorry
It’s good to hear from you tho!

Re: TW- what’s holding me back from suicide?

Wait wow wow wow what’s going on with my thread? Those posts were old ones weren’t they?? I’m so confused

Re: TW- what’s holding me back from suicide?

Wait half of it’s just been deleted???
@Taylor-RO did you move it to another thread?

Re: TW- what’s holding me back from suicide?

Hey @Bananatime04, I haven't moved anything at all. It appears you have two threads with the same title. It could maybe be a glitch? How do you feel about making a new thread anyhow? Both of these threads are quite long. They have moved away from the topic of conversation which is totally fine but we try to avoid diary like threads - it can be confusing at times. I could even move some of your more recent posts about school/assignments into a new thread, if that helps? Maybe you could even comment in the high school support thread? I think you would have a lot of experience and insight to offer the community. Sometimes it really helps to hear from others in a similar position Smiley Happy What do you think? 

Re: TW- what’s holding me back from suicide?

Oh I didn’t know that @Taylor-RO! I’m so sorry
I’ve actually just got on top of all my assignments so I’m going good at the minute but I’ll have a look at it after I talk to my counsellor.. I actually just missed her when I went to get a drink so I have to wait again!
I might make a new thread but I think I’m gonna make it about things that have been triggering me lately.. like my best friend feeling the way I have been feeling and being open about it is so hard to hear for me Smiley Sad