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How to cope with suicide thoughts 


I’m safe though I would never actually do it 

Re: TW:

Hey @Unideck, welcome to ReachOut. Thanks for sharing that with us and confirming your safety. What you are experiencing are thoughts and it could be helpful to remember that they are only worth the weight and attention that you give to them. They do not require you to act on them Heart In reference to coping with them.. it is ideal to reach out to others which is something you have already done here tonight. It is also a great idea to reach out to those in your personal life - friends, family, teachers or colleagues. Let them know how you are feeling - it is scary at the beginning but it can really help in those times that you need support. Most importantly, it is best that you receive some form of professional support. We have some services that we recommend here. This is important because not everyone has the tools available to support someone. Sometimes an objective opinion is the most valuable. We are also not a crisis support or counselling service but we do provide peer support. I am sure that the community will reply soon as this is something that many users have been through before.

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Hi @Unideck! Welcome to the ReachOut forums! I hope you'll find them useful.

I'm sorry you're struggling with suicide thoughts. It can be really hard to stop thinking about suicide. Smiley Sad It's important to remember that thoughts about suicide are just thoughts. You don't have to act on them. There are also a lot of people who experience them. Just know that you're not alone. I'm glad that you're safe right now and that you haven't acted on those thoughts! Heart

Something that might be helpful is making a safety plan. You can find a tool for this on the BeyondBlue website, or you can make your own by following the steps in this article. One thing that you can include on it are helplines such as Kids Helpline (1800 55 1800). You can call them or chat to them online if you need urgent help. Another thing you can include are alternatives. For example, you could go on a walk, do your favourite hobby or write about how you feel in a journal. There are lots of suggestions on this thread. These articles also have some other ideas about how to cope with suicidal thoughts. Feel free to come up with your own too!

Another thing that might be helpful would be talking to a psychologist. I found that talking to someone outside of my family and friendship circle was really helpful when I had thoughts of suicide. They can also become a part of your support network and you can include them in your safety plan if you end up deciding to make one. It's up to you though. Personally, I think it's important to tell someone you trust if you're having thoughts of suicide. Do you have anyone else you can turn to for support?

You can always seek support and understanding from the users on this forum. Maybe you can also include it on your safety plan. It is a public forum, so it might take a while for people to reply. If you need urgent help, it is often quicker to contact a helpline. You can find the numbers for them at the top of the page.

Stay strong! Heart

Re: TW:

Hi @Unideck, welcome to the forums and thank you for confirming your safety. 


A few ideas:

•make a list of distractions and self care activities to use when you feel suicidal. If you can, collect some in a box, drawer or bag so you can get to them when you need.

•make a safety plan - I know you're safe, but it's always good to have a fall back if anything changes.

•whenever you get a suicidal thought, think/ say to yourself "I want to be alive". Even if you don't feel like that, think the words. It probably doesn't sound like much, but it can really help over time

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Hi again @Unideck! I just thought to check up on how you're feeling. How are you going? Heart

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Hi I’m doing the same I have been for a long time

Re: TW:

Hi @Unideck
I wanted to check in on you and see how you were going, you mentioned doing the same as you've been for a long time, does this include the suicidal thoughts you mentioned at the beginning of the post?
We're here for you!

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Yes I does

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Hi @Unideck 


Is that happening for you at the moment?



Re: TW:

Hi @Unideck.

It really sucks to feel stuck in the same place for so long... I promise that this won't last forever though. 

Do you have any supports to help you through this, or professional help?