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Talking about stuff

Is 1800 RESPECT any good online to talk to stuff through. There's stuff I want to talk about but can't say the words and I'm in no capacity to use phone anyway because of my living arrangements even if I could. 

I'm so scared of my past I want to start to deal with some of it. 

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Re: Talking about stuff

Hey @redhead, I haven't used that particular service myself but I know that a lot of the online chat ones are fabulous (I think I used to use Kids Helpline) - great if you don't want to talk in person and often you can leave your email so that they can keep in touch with you after your session.

If you feel like you can't use the words out loud or don't want to actually verbally speak to somebody I definitely feel like that would be an awesome route to go down. And I think it's amazingly admirable that you want to deal with some of the events from your past. Sending all my hugs and support your way <3 <3

Re: Talking about stuff

Hi @redhead, I think it's really brave of you to want to deal with your past. Heart




Re: Talking about stuff

Hey @redhead :-) I agree with @honky. It's very brave of you to decide to confront your past. Do you think you'll give the online counselling a go?

Re: Talking about stuff

hi @redhead 

i have used this service before and i did find they were a great help for me in dealing with some of my childhood memories.

i think its a good idea for you to give it ago

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