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The Why's. The How's..... The Lies?

Mental health issues from an outside perspective: How could they be sick, they don’t look it?

Why are they acting differently, are they just looking for attention?

I don’t understand why they are doing this; it’s not that “big of a deal”

Self-centred, weak, selfish, stupid….. It goes on and on and on.

This is the nonsense I hear almost daily from our society. How about take it from this perspective.

There is no hope, I cannot breath, I have no control, I don’t choose to be like this, how embarrassing people won’t believe me; I just simply CAN NOT COPE.

My mum took her own life in September of 2012 and because of the negativity & lack of knowledge around mental illness I find myself lying about how my mum’s life ended. I find myself saying she was sick, people automatic assume I mean cancer, something people can understand its “visible”

Why don’t we talk about it enough? How can we prevent this & give our society better understanding… I refuse to keeping living my life in lies!

I will contuine to share my story and more than happy to help anyone else in need.
I will be the voice my mum didnt have.

Re: The Why's. The How's..... The Lies?

Hey @zoii__ 


Welcome to Reachout Smiley Happy


I am sorry for your loss and I cant imagine how difficult it must have been and is for you and I admire your strength. Society is scared to talk about it and only with people who are willing to speak up will we make a difference and you are one of those people and that's awesome. 


We are very happy to have you in our RO family 


Take care 



**Believe in the power of you because you are your own hero**

Re: The Why's. The How's..... The Lies?

Hi @zoii__ , first of all I'm so sorry to hear about what you have gone through with your mum's passing. I know a lot of people whose lives have been affected by suicide and it's truely painful to see how it gets treated.

It might seem like fighting to be valued as a person with mental health issues is a losing battle sometimes, so I'm really glad that you want to keep speaking out and telling your story. Maybe if we keep speaking up then more people will realise they should be listening.

Keep strong Smiley Happy

Re: The Why's. The How's..... The Lies?

@zoii__ im so sorry to hear about your mum, suicide and the mental illnesses that may lead to suicide are so tragic, you are totally right that people dont understand but thats why we need people like you who arent afraid to stand up and be a voice!

You should be really proud of yourself, you are so strong and you shouldnt have to lie so that people dont judge, no one should have to!


Hopefully, with the help of people like you who share our aim to bring awareness and break the stigma of mental illness, one day people willl get it.. they will understand that people cant just get over depression or anxiety or any mental illness just like they cant just get over a broken arm, cancer or disease that you can see!


Are you chatting to anyone about what you are going through like a counsellor at school or uni, therapist or your doctor?

LifeLine (13 11 14) and Kids Help Line (1800 55 1800) have phone and web chat options where you can talk to a counsellor for free 24/7. There is also Grief Line if you are dealing with grief



Hope your okay, hope to see you around the forums


Re: The Why's. The How's..... The Lies?

Thank you for the messages of support, its become such a passion of mine to become more open about my story, so much so i've had people tell me i need to write a novel on my crazy world! 

I am happy to share my story with anyone who would like to know more and i hope to one day even speak in schools or seminars, i have lived with watching my mum have depression, then taking her own life to having my own personal battles with it. I have a desire & need to help others and my arms are wide open! 



Re: The Why's. The How's..... The Lies?

You are a legend! Thats so awesome to hear and you would be a great speaker because you are so passionate!

Re: The Why's. The How's..... The Lies?

Hi @zoii__ 


I just read your post and just wanted to let you know I was really inspired by it and seeing your insight into mental illness and your courage to go through what you've been through and to want to share your story and help others through it; it's amazing! You can do a lot and help a lot of people by sharing your story, so well done for your courage and I hope you are able to go far and change lives with your story! 

Re: The Why's. The How's..... The Lies?

@zoii I find it incredibly frustrating too. While stigma exists in Australia, some cultures consider it more taboo. Even though I was raised up here, I still feel pressure from my own ethnic cultural background. It's like I have to be extra careful around people so they won't notice anything, otherwise I not only ruin my reputation but my family's. I've been brought up in a way I'm suppose to keep my issues private. I live at uni by myself, and don't much support about from professionals.

Hope you do go far in improving lives.