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The heats making my depression bad

I've been counting the days since November til when Autumn's gunna come, bc this weather makes me so anxious, and so restless and so hopeless, and with the forecast for my hometown being no days under 25 for the next week, im actually feeling like drastic.


This is the worst ive felt since before I took antidepressants and started T. I cant sleep, i cant excercise, everything is a task bc its so hot. And it sounds like dumb reason to be depressed and anxious but like, it is. I just feel so hopeless and i dunno what to do.


This forecast for the next week almost makes me feel a bit suicidal. Like, not actively, but like, I dont know how much longer i can take this heat before i break down.


The aircon doesnt help, i feel so claustrophobic, stuck at home, in my tiny house w our crappy aircon. I feel so trapped, and restless and stuck, and smothered, and its just like, im gunna have to deal w this once a year for the rest of my life, that's actually terrifying.


What do i do to not breakdown and lose my mind in this heat.

Re: The heats making my depression bad

I totally hear ya @trashconverters The weather can have a huge impact on our emotions, our wellbeing, our energy levels and our mental and physical health. I find when it’s too hot, I can get really sluggish or irritable. Sounds like coming up with a bit of plan for the next week might be helpful in managing those suicidal thoughts and your mood overall? 

You mentioned feeling trapped which really stuck out to me and made sense to me. Is it possible to get some movement earlier on in the day when it’s a little cooler to give you that space, fresh air and clarity? Sounds like that’s an important need for you to not feel trapped and confined. Also I saw you mentioned in your other post about going to your auntie’s house where there’s air con but also the chance for the fam to bond and laugh. Do you think you could make it a priority to definitely do that over the next week? Is there any else that helps you in the heat?

Re: The heats making my depression bad

I guess a big part of it is that our air conditioner only cools the main part of the house, and not the room where I practice music or anything. There's 4 of us in the house, and it's not v big, so I can't fill the whole house w it, and it gets really hard to practice in the heat.


That's part of why I feel trapped, I have nowhere of my own to be. Music is the only thing that makes me feel sane sometimes.


And then I can't sleep, so I'm always tired, and when it is sort of cool, I spend the whole time being stressed because I know it's gonna hot up again. Like I've just spent all summer telling myself "just two more months, just one more month..." and it's doing nothing. I just want to not exist, just like, until it cools down again. Like I just literally do not see the point of like, being, in this heat.


I've got TAFE and work this week as well, and I can barely function. I just want it to stop, so I can be free to do and be where I want, when I want, in my home. And my whole life is being dictated to me by the weather and I hate it.


Re: The heats making my depression bad

How you feeling today @trashconverters? Part of me is wondering if focusing day by day might be a bit more helpful. I find that when I start counting days/months, it can leave me feeling anxious or a bit flat because sometimes the future can feel like forever away ya know. Do you have a counsellor or psych? Someone that you can talk it out with to relieve a bit of that stress.


On the practical side, do you have a fan or is the option of actually getting an air-con in your room a possibility? I know they are super expensive but do your fam know the impact it's having? Also I love that you have such a strong connection with music Smiley Happy It can take to you another place hey! Ps- sorry for the million questions, I just read through my post and realised how many I asked haha. 

Re: The heats making my depression bad

I do have a fan, but unfortunately it doesn't do much, and day by day can be very tedious when the next seven days are 30 degrees and over. We don't have enough money for another aircon, we're still trying to a get proper one set up in the living room (we current have an evaporation cooler) and the tradespeople keep pushing back the date.


I've got an adhd psych, but i cant really afford anything else. I tried KHL once for other matters but they were insensitive to certain matters, so. And again, our house is really small, so if i wanted to make a call w someone and have my own space to do so w/o people listening, I'd have to go into the sweltering heat of my room.

Re: The heats making my depression bad

Hi @trashconverters (it's Erin-RO here)


Waiting on a cooler must be super frustrating and trust me I don't have air con (only a fan) and the heat's really been affecting mood and sleep! Changes in season or extremes in weather can absolutely affect our wellbeing (you're not alone in this!), so much so that some people can be affected by (seasonal affective disorder - SAD)! 


For me, I've been trying some practical stuff, like staying hydrated, getting up at the same time each day, walking earlier in the morning (when it's not so hot), trying some relaxation / mindfulness apps at night when it's too hot.. I wonder if you've tried any before?


Or perhaps if these types of things aren't working, maybe it's worth visiting the GP to talk about what's going on for you and what may help? 






Re: The heats making my depression bad

I suppose I shld maybe talk to a GP, but idk what they can do.


I try to keep hydrated, and even though Ive tried getting up earlier, I never get enough sleep and I always sleep through my alarm. I already have bad sleep as is bc adhd is great fun, so Ive tried meditation for that as well. Ive started on meds for it, but theyre not working either.

Re: The heats making my depression bad

It sounds like you've tried a few different options @trashconverters. I know sometimes it may feel like things aren't working but particularly with changing and improving our mood or sleep quality, it takes time, so consistency really is key. 


Again though if you feel like you have tried all these different self-care and sleep quality options but they're not helping, I still think the GP may have some more options available that we haven't thought about, particulary as you've started on medication (maybe that needs looking into?)


- Erin-RO


Re: The heats making my depression bad

I think its just how long its been that making it as bad as it is. If there were even one or two cool days, I wouldn't feel suicidal, but alas. I can't change the weather, but I just need a reprieve this is actually torture, this doesn't feel like living at all.

Re: The heats making my depression bad

Hi @trashconverters I've just sent you an email as I am a little concerned about your safety. 


- Erin-RO