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The "adventure" continues

So my Mum helped me ring the NDIS service to day and we have started the journey in regards to that, I've heard they might ask me about my interests, what I like to do and what I might like to do as a career....feeling kinda scared about that.....I'm worried what places they might suggest.


The countdown to the return to UNI continues and I'm scared, I've been thinking a lot about my previous experience but I don't know where to start




Re: The "adventure" continues

Proud of you for starting that journey @MemphisBelle!

I know these questions might sound scary to you, is there anything you can do for the moment to help take your mind of things and self-care? In my own experience I get nervous when I anticipate that people are going to ask me questions like that but if I distract myself then I don't feel as nervous anymore! 

We're here for you no matter what happens okay? 

I get a bit scared too when I think of a new uni year but I like to think of it as a new chapter and new beginnings, do you think it might help you if you see it this way?

Re: The "adventure" continues

@MemphisBellewell done for taking a step in the right direction! Smiley Happy

Just be honest and up front about it all and don't try to hide anything. 

In regards to uni just focus on taking it one day at a time and not focus on the past. It can be so easy to obsess over what happened, but just remind yourself that you can get through it. I would also start looking what support services the uni offers and getting in touch with those so if you do get into any trouble you can rely on them to help you. 

Whatever it takes I know I can make it through!

Re: The "adventure" continues


Sorry for the post flooding, I'm trying to keep em short and stuff and when I see go on for like 6 pages I get worried. To answer your question about work in the other post missep, my boss just told me to relax and get some sleep.


At the moment I'm trying to get into a painting class/workshop, I like Art period so I'm hoping this goes well. I've never done much of it, so it's something cool to learn.


I do consider parts of my life to be chapters and part of one big story....Late 2014 was a really bad one, then early 2015 was great, late 2015 was nerve-wracking and so on....they are just chapters...there was some wonderful moments (I was on a TV show as a movie reviewer briefly) and I'm sure there will be more (I'm looking forward to the premiere of that movie I acted in)...but the great moments slipped away and I felt helpless trying to hold onto them


I've found out someone I really like to talk to is moving away next year....third friggin time that has happened this year...why does everyone I like leave?? Smiley Sad I know that's life but it sucks (this is all I want to say about that)


Re: The "adventure" continues

That is awesome @MemphisBelle! Hopefully you can get into painting and learn some new skills. Would this be a self care type of activity for you?

I am hearing that you are saying that the great moments slip away. That must suck and be really hard to let them go. I am also hearing that there are chapters to your life and you are looking forward to some more amazing and positive moments! You are so right in recognising that life does have its ups and downs for everyone.

I am sorry to hear about your friend moving away. Although they might not still be around, hopefully you can still talk to them if you wanted to!

Whether you think you can or think you can’t, either way you are right.
– Henry Ford

Re: The "adventure" continues

Hey @MemphisBelle
That's such a good idea to go to a painting class/workshop!
I consider my life in chapters too, atleast we know that we can have good chapters Smiley Happy
Those are amazing accomplishments! I'm sure there will be more good times as well.

Re: The "adventure" continues

Sorry for the lack of responses guys, had a rather boring weekend and was stressed out cause I was in a section of NSW heavily affected by the heavy rains and I was working during that time fun fun Smiley Tongue


Trying a few autism support groups, but having rather mixed results....some are just eye-rolling, I still think Reach-Out is the best community I've found. I know guys won't be like "Ew Autism Gross!" you still understand how it can be upsetting for me at the moment ...I appreciate that times a million


Some people have left me since I got diagnosed, some don't get it...some people are acting they like me more now that I'm officially diagnosed. It's all so weird to me now.


Re: The "adventure" continues

Hey @MemphisBelle the rain was hectic as hey!! That must have been really intense at work Smiley Surprised I hope you've had a chance to relax and unwind a bit since then!


I think that's really awesome that you're giving these support groups a go! It might take a bit of trial and error (not everyone can be as awesome as us here at ReachOut Smiley Tongue) but I think there's a really good chance that you'll meet some interesting people and maybe even develop some new friendships! What are you hoping to get out of the experience?


Hmmmm yes that would be pretty strange when people react differently... In my opinion though it's got far less to do with you and your diagnosis and far MORE to do with them and their level of understanding/ignorance ect. Even so, it can still really hurt so if want to chat about any of it we're here for you Heart

Re: The "adventure" continues


These groups are online, not in person (I don't think I could cope with something like that).

Anyway my latest post had disastrous results. Two posts in a guy asks me "So what do you enjoy?" and I'm like "Film and Video Production"...then he replies "Use your video camera as a weapon and exposed the UK Government for kidnapping Autistic people and shooting them".........I am NOT joking. Went to a support forum, was asked to be in some weird conspiracy exposing group.....amazing Smiley Tongue


There are a few things being said to me about it that kinda get to me for various reasons.


Christmas is gonna suck for my will not be fun


Re: The "adventure" continues

@MemphisBelleis there a way to report those users? It doesn't sound like something should be allowed and steps over a line.

As for support groups have you tried looking into Facebook and possibly Reddit groups? I find those groups can be moderated a bit better and are more supportive because of that. 

I think all jobs aren't fun to work around Christmas, for some reason it brings out the worst in people regardless of what industry you're in. 


Whatever it takes I know I can make it through!