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Re: The "adventure" continues


I do believe this user was banned a few minutes later, I wasn't upset just kinda like "wait WHAT?!?!" How did we get there?!?!


I tried reddit but didn't enjoy it, nobody replied to me.


The only problem with some of these groups is that they call my autism a blessing, a gift...a super-power...I disagree with all these statements. I don't believe it does provide me with any unique ways of viewing just makes my anxiety even more hell. People get upset when I say I wish I was normal, but when I wish for that...I wish wasn't so weird and eccentric and could communicate better about things

Re: The "adventure" continues

Welcome to the internet people are weird when can't see them in person Smiley LOL

I find with Reddit you might have to try a few different groups, but once you find the right one its good Smiley Happy
I have Dyspraxia which is a condition where the wiring in my brain that controls my co-ordination is mixed up and weakened (I am super clumsy!), I have both the speech and physical types which isn't fun. I was diagnosed when I was 2 and had intense speech therapy and later surgery to correct my speech, along with OT and physical therapies to help my co-ordination but it still affects me (I will always have it but just learn to adapt). Plus people with it are 8 times more likely to have anxiety which I have so lucky me. Its just as common as Autism but not as well known, but even so I often get comments like yours. I never feel lucky or blessed that I have it, to me it's annoying and it's made my life a struggle. 

I know it might not be the same as chatting to people with autism but there are few tv shows that have characters with Autism and Asperger's that you might relate to in some degree:

  • Atypical.
  • The Good Doctor.
  • Parenthood (Max has Aspergers).
  • Degrassi: The Next Generation watch from Season 8 until Season 14 and keep an eye out for Connor who has Aspergers.

What I like about the shows is that they highlight the lows of the conditions along with making the characters relatable and showing how they come to grips with the condition and that they are different but how being different can be a good thing.


You are doing a good job @MemphisBelle and it's great that you want to chat to people going through similar things as yourself Smiley Happy 


Whatever it takes I know I can make it through!

Re: The "adventure" continues

Hey @MemphisBelle,

just wanted to check in on you and see how you were going Smiley Happy

Re: The "adventure" continues


Hey there Smiley Happy


Things have been a little boring this week, I haven't left the house as my town has so many of those "hover sales-people" you know those guys who wait by the entrance to a mall or shop and when you leave are like "Oh before you go, can I tell you about X?" ughhh I can't stand em. I had to just pull out my phone and pretend to be talking with my Mum. They send my anxiety through the roof so much, the worst experience I had was with one selling with beauty products. They leave me alone when I'm working my trolley collection job though....thank heavens.


I have to walk to my headspace appointment today and I'm terrified, it's during the school rush and I hate the busy times. I've been screamed at from the people in cars as I walk along, one of them even hit me in the face with an apple they threw from the car.



I'm just finding it hard to cope emotionally, the NDIS apparently has application overload so it could be a very long time before I hear anything. Some anniversaries coming up, they stress me.


I'll talk after headspace today

Re: The "adventure" continues

Hey @MemphisBelle

We'll be here whenever you feel like talking Smiley Happy 

It's a good thing you're going to headspace today, that's a really good form of taking care of yourself. 

Those 'hover sales-people' make me really anxious too! I always pretend to be on my phone or I end up even crossing the street just to avoid them! I know they're only doing their job but I'm easily persuaded and I find the whole thing really awkward. 

That's awful that guy did that! Unfortunately there are some not so nice people around sometimes but there are lots of nice people to make up for it! Sorry to hear that happened to you though Smiley Sad 


Atleast you're well into the application process for NDIS. Please keep us updated on that, I hope it all goes smoothly and quickly for you! 


Re: The "adventure" continues


Well Headspace is the only place I feel at ease, I just don't have any friends I'm close to anymore. You know today I was talking to the counselor today about a kid who randomly told me that no one liked me and found me annoying and was like "No one cares about your film trivia" and as I left...guess who was sitting in the friggin waiting room...THE KID I WAS JUST TALKING ABOUT.


Basically this guy told me no one liked me and they all thought I was annoying as hell


Re: The "adventure" continues

Hi @MemphisBelle

That’s good you are able to find somewhere you feel at ease Smiley Happy 

Oh my goodness! That is such a coincidence! Sometimes when someone says something like that it’s because they’re lashing out about something they’re insecure about. 

If it means anything I think film trivia is awesome! 

Do you have any cool trivia that comes to mind? Smiley Happy 

Re: The "adventure" continues



Not to sure about trivia really, depends on what sort of mood I'm in.

I find some of the backstory to certain films interesting, like did you know they started filming Back to the Future with a different actor as Marty McFly?


Sorry I don't have more to say, working on a better reply..its been a weird week

Re: The "adventure" continues

Hey @MemphisBelle, glad you're able to feel at ease when you're at headspace - it's so important to have a place that can be kind of like a sanctuary.

Oooh, no, I wasn't aware that another actor was originally cast as Marty McFly!


In regards to the weird week, did you want to talk about it? If so, we're all ears! Smiley Happy 

// Spiral outward, keep going. //

Re: The "adventure" continues



I asked a friend who I haven't spoken to into a very long time if they wanted to catch up, they agreed and we met up earlier in the week..I mean it was my call but I still felt anxious about it...I can't ask anything without freaking out...I can't even talk to the cashiers at KFC or McDonalds without getting nervous.


I've just been scared being out of the house, this autism has ruined my mind