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Re: The "adventure" continues


I wanted to do TV production since early 2014, I got declined by the Air Force cause I was diabetic (the autism wasn't diagnosed, but I can't imagine it would have been good given how strict they can be....also yelling gives me anxiety attacks...some mother screamed at her kid when I was having lunch at Maccas today and I freaked out)


Anyway I had a rather emotional breakdown about it and My Mum said I should take up the movie stuff again.


As for being an editor? No way, nah uh, not me in the slightest...don't enjoy it and can't do it

Re: The "adventure" continues

I'm not good with yelling either! Any form of intense confrontation like that and I get a bit scared. Seems like your life has been moving towards TV production and it sounds like you're talented for it!
That's good that you know you don't want to be an editor, it makes it easier for you to know what you like and don't like. I feel like through our life experiences it moves us to where we're meant to be Smiley Happy

Re: The "adventure" continues

Everyone I have started a new post called


"It is what it is"


Basically, I've come to a certain level of peace with my autism...but still some things I wanna discuss 

Re: The "adventure" continues

Hey @MemphisBelle That's great that you've come to a level of peace with your autism.

What things do you still want to discuss? We are here to support you through discussing them as best we can when you are ready Smiley Happy

Remember you're amazing just as you are Heart

Re: The "adventure" continues


Continuing it on my new thread, have a look there a bit later Smiley Happy

Re: The "adventure" continues

Hey @MemphisBelle!
I'm going to pop on over to your new thread! It's great that you've come to a certain level of peace!