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Re: Think I might be suffering from borderline personality disorder

It’s been a little bit huh, it hasn’t been too long but a lot has happened I guess.


I’ve been accepted into this place to study film (I’ve wanted to go there since yr 10 and I graduated last year aha)


I’m going to be moving out to the city to be closer to the campus, didn’t think I’d be moving out at 18 but I’m glad because I don’t know how much longer I could stay in this toxic house hold. I’ll be studying from the beginning of February so probably looking to move out sometime January, it’s all happened a bit quickly.


I’ll be doing more with my photography, I wanted to try out event photography and I’ve met a few people that do it through gigs and I’ve already taken some photos at a recent festival which turned out really good. This weekend coming I’ll also be shooting at a couple gigs as well as helping out with shooting an engagement party, moving to the city will definitely help with what I want to do. 

I planned the weekend a while back and I was very excited about it (still am) but when I told my friend about it he just asked “why?”. I think he doesn’t understand why I’m doing it for free and spending money. I really do believe I can turn this into a career and I think this is what I really want to do so hearing that was a little demoralising, I’m tired over everyone having this small town mentality like we are all stuck and have no way out, I think when I move I’m leaving everyone behind. I feel as though I’m supposed to do so much more in life and surrounding myself with those people doesn’t help me but it’s all I have for now. 

I’m ready to move on and can’t wait for what’s to come. I’d still like very much to have someone apart of my life but I’m very independent and I’d say have been pretty much my whole life so it has always conflicting to me I guess. I guess I’ll see what’s to come in the near future Smiley Happy

Re: Think I might be suffering from borderline personality disorder

It's so great to hear that you've started a course that you're so passionate about @Pasta! You sound so excited about starting, and it's extra good to hear that you'll be able have some space from your current living situation. 


I know a lot of my friends who work in any of the arts have experienced people expressing similar sentiments. People who aren't involved in these industries are often not super knowledgeable about how hard artists need to work, especially at the start of their careers. It's a bit frustrating to hear how dismissive your friend is being, but it sounds like he's said this out of naivety/ignorance, rather than any malice. Also, I am sure you'll be surrounded by a whole bunch of like minded people as soon as you start your degree Smiley Happy 

As a total side note, I wanted to double check whether you wanted me to make this post into a new thread, so you get a bit more relevant interaction on it? Smiley Happy 

Re: Think I might be suffering from borderline personality disorder

@Andrea-ROI don’t mind what you do with the thread Smiley Happy