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Re: Tired of my doctors and my health

@WheresMySquishy awww, mice are so cute! What was their name?


And I only found out about the mattress thing after going to a psych ward. Apparently the mattresses were horrible because of how hard they were, but my back felt better than it had in ages! Which long story short is why I now like sleeping on the floor. Plus the blanket fort I slept in for like a week..

Re: Tired of my doctors and my health

@Tiny_leaf  Sparkles! It was a female mouse that was white and brown. She ended up dying of old age. I'd really love to get a mouse again. All of the animals I have looked after are in pet heave now. I'd also really like to have a cat again. The one we looked after, which was actually a stray, died due to old age as well. I wish I could have a dog but I'm allergic to them. Smiley Sad Have you ever had any pets?

Wow, that's interesting! Sometimes, I like to put something hard like a massage or lacrosse ball against my back when my muscles get sore. I've been trying to find these triangular massagers because I've heard they're really good for your back and shoulders but haven't had any luck. I used to love making blanket forts with my friends! We used to set them up around an old coach and spend the day in it. I should make one again!

Re: Tired of my doctors and my health

Aww.. she sounds like she was beautiful.


I currently have one cat and one cat-shaped-goblin (aka my evil but adorable fluff ball).

Both have me wrapped around their paw...


Re: Tired of my doctors and my health

Awww! I've always liked cats. Our house is basically surrounded by our neighbours' dogs on all sides and some of them are really noisy. There is a cat that comes around our street too which I swear is possessed by a demon. She death stares you and gets in your way as you do household chores. She also snarls and cackles demonically. Sometimes she sleeps in our bushes then jumps out at us making growling noises. We have also had blue tongue skinks in our backyard for many years. One of them, I think the female, died recently. They've had lots of babies over the years though so hopefully we'll see them again.

Re: Tired of my doctors and my health

Hi @Tiny_leaf

I'm glad you got the referral to rheumatologist! Have you seen them yet? If
so how'd it go, if not when, and how are you feeling about it all?

Ps. I've had cats eat vegemite too! They like it, also sweet potato mashed!
Your cat sounds adorable too (totally not a crazy cat lady - I promise Smiley Wink )

(Email reply - because I'm too lazy to log in right now)

Remember you're amazing just as you are Heart

Re: Tired of my doctors and my health

@WheresMySquishy oh my goodness.. that cat sounds even weirder than mine... 

Like when you said demon I assumed you were exaggerating but wow...


We have bobtails where I live. I once got to see a mum and her newborns!!! (apparently they give birth to live young)

Re: Tired of my doctors and my health

@Bee there's a huge waiting list... I'll need to wait until July, but at least I have an appointment. 

But yeah, mostly just feeling impatient. Health involves so much waiting


And I'll see if my kittens (fine.. cats....) like sweet potato next time I have some.

They'll lick mashed white potato, give me a disgusted look, then keep licking it.

Re: Tired of my doctors and my health

@Tiny_leaf bugger about the huge waiting list, but I guess its a good thing
that you're on the list Smiley Happy
Feeling impatient is totally justified! While health involves a lot of
waiting it's been my experience that a wait is better than not seeing them
at all.

Hehe I still call my cats kitten, kitties etc. THEY NEVER GROW OUT OF BEING
A KITTEN! Smiley Tongue
Hahaha love that they lick white potato, look disgusted then keep licking
it Smiley LOL

(Email reply again Smiley Tongue )

Remember you're amazing just as you are Heart

Re: Tired of my doctors and my health

@Bee yes, it is. 


And yes they just become bigger, grumpier kittens. Smiley Happy

They'll just look at me like "Why have you insulted me with this.. this mush??" and then lick it again... I've given up trying to understand why at this point.. Smiley Tongue


Re: Tired of my doctors and my health

@Tiny_leaf  I'm pretty sure the cat is what killed the big mama blue tongue skink that lived in our yard because she had been lurking near that area. We've seen her eating lizards before. She always looks at you menacingly and growls as well. She doesn't fear anything. This cat is really something else.

Awww! That's so cute about the bobtails! We've seen our lizards mating. It wasn't a pretty sight.

I totally get how frustrating it can be about the huge waiting lists, especially if you're seeing someone at a public hospital. Smiley Sad Hopefully it will end up being worth the wait. I probably need to see my ophthalmologist to ask about getting a prescription for something we've previously discussed and the wait is probably going to take months as usual unless someone cancels. I'm kind of dreading the wait.