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Re: Tired of my doctors and my health

It kinda wasn't better, but I got through it. How are you this morning @Tiny_leaf?

Re: Tired of my doctors and my health

@xXLexi_Lou122Xx well done for getting through it then. Smiley Happy

And I'm pretty good, I have horse riding today! Hopefully we aren't doing jumps though, those really hurt my knees...

Re: Tired of my doctors and my health

That's good to hear. Horse Riding you say? I love Horse Riding. But I don't have the time or place to do it, so I just enjoyed the few times I got to ride a horse while steering.
I had the semi-finals of the spelling bee heats today. I was sick again, but I still had my edge!
I was the last one standing... out of all the year 8's present... But there were others who were absent. So those people have to do their semi-final words, then we'll do the finals. I hope I win!
I am defending my title as champion.........

Re: Tired of my doctors and my health

Oh wow! I'm impressed, I can't spell to save my life (thank goodness for spell check..)

And yep! Though the horse I usually ride was sick today, which wasn't great.. But he'll be alright, and I still got to give him a treat. Plus the new horse was adorable and couldn't stay still. Smiley Happy

Re: Tired of my doctors and my health

Aww! I wish I could see him!

Apart from that, how are you in general?

Re: Tired of my doctors and my health

A little tired, but definitely better than I have been. And annoyed with my doctor because in the time I've been waiting for him to do something I've hurt my better leg from having to limp on it for so long... I'm usually fairly patient when talking to annoying professionals but I think I'm going to have to be a little harsher with him so that I'm not waiting three months..


How about you? And has school been going okay?

Re: Tired of my doctors and my health

Oof. That sounds painfully annoying. I do that sometimes... it's hurts pretty bad...

I'm not bad... Although........ I have been sick lately. But that's explained in my thread...

Schools been alright. A fight broke out yesterday, but the incident with the kid that tried to hit me with a chair has been sorted out. He said it was an 'accident'. So I just went with it. I dididn't want it to escalate, and it was just a frightening experience.

What about you? How's school going for you?

Re: Tired of my doctors and my health

It is... I'm going to talk to him about how my cane didn't "make my walk unnatural" but the limp he did nothing about did. Smiley Frustrated

He has one more chance before I just change doctors, even if he's usually fairly nice. 


And ah... that sucks.. especially the dizziness. I hate that feeling.. Are your doctor/s being helpful with that at all?


And oh my gosh that would've been terrifying..! Was anyone hurt? And hopefully your teachers are smart enough to see through his excuse.. 

Is everything safe for you at school now?


And I haven't been going that much recently... I'm starting to ease myself back into my classes though, and my teachers and my school are really accommodating. Hopefully I'll be getting into school more regularly by the end of the year.

Re: Tired of my doctors and my health

That really sucks doesn't it?
I personally would just change doctors, but if you think he deserves one more chance, then go one more time. But be a bit firmer than usual.

No, I haven't been to the doctors yet. The dizziness part is all from my low BP, but Idk about the vomiting...
At least I didn't throw up today!

I just had musical rehearsals this arvo, and we were working on a song. We sound SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO GOOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It was a bit scary, but it was only a short one. A couple of punches were thrown, and hair pulled, but no one was badly hurt. Yes, everything's safe... for now.....

That sounds good that you're getting back into school. It can be quite overwhelming, but I'm glad that you're easing your way back into things.
What are you studying currently?
Because I think you said in one of your posts, that you were 17? Am I right?
What do you like, subject wise?

Re: Tired of my doctors and my health

He's better than most doctors I've had, so I think he's worth giving one more go.. but yeah, I'm running out of patience with him. And I'm not waiting a quarter of a year for him to decide to do his job.


And that sucks... I hope you figure it out soon..


And cool!! Do you sing, or play an instrument? I used to play flute, but I don't have the attention span needed to seriously play an instrument..


At least it was short... Maybe you could stay in places where teachers hand around more?


And yep! I'm 17, and the main things I'm studying are biology and literature, they're probably my favorites. Plus learning about art semi-formally, which is lots of fun.


Also, my kitty says "wqasqsqsa.l,uyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyhj" which either means "hello" or "this keyboard looks like fun to stand on". Whatever it was, it was apparently important enough to interrupt my typing for.... Smiley Happy