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Re: Tired of my doctors and my health

That's totally ok with me. It's your decision. I totally agree with the waiting a quarter of a year part. I'd never wait that long.

Yeah... I hope so too.

Yeah, I do play a few instruments. Though, I have dropped a couple of them. I used to play Recorder, Flute (Like you!). I recently picked up the accordion, and I've been playing violin for 6 years. I want to play cello, but I haven't been able to. I also have a marvelous singing voice... As I've been told....................

It wasn't at a breaktime.... It was during my last class yesterday. I think it was sorted out today, but idk...
Oh well. But that's not the only thing that's been going on...
I'm going to make a new thread about it, but Idk if you've had the same experience........

Literature is pretty good. And art as a plus is always good!
If you feel comfortable, would you mind sharing on my art thread?

Lol! Your kitty sounds so cute! Smiley Happy

Re: Tired of my doctors and my health

Hi @Tiny_leaf, I'm sad to hear that you're in increased pain. Smiley Sad I think you are entitled to ask your doctor to take another look at your symptoms, for a second opinion or to refer you to someone more experienced if you aren't happy with him. I don't think he can refuse to do that. Sometimes the system fails us and doctors just brush people off. It can be very frustrating.


Re: Tired of my doctors and my health

@xXLexi_Lou122Xx oh wow!! I don't know how people can play so many instruments, I struggled with just one..! Smiley Happy


And yeah, I just saw the thread and will hop onto it in a bit.


And sure, when I do a few more drawings that I'm happy with I'll put them there. Smiley Happy


And she is, in an evil kinda way.... she's very fluffy though, and makes many little "prrrup!!" noises. Smiley Happy


Re: Tired of my doctors and my health

@WheresMySquishy yeah.. Apparently I'm fairly brush-off-able...

Good news is that my next appointment should be productive however it goes; either he'll help me or I'll know to look for someone else.


Re: Tired of my doctors and my health

I think that is an amazing and really positive reflection of the situation @Tiny_leaf Heart Have you reflected how you have been feeling about things moving slowly to this doctor? When is your next appointment? Keep us updated!

Re: Tired of my doctors and my health

Warning for anyone who dislikes swearing, there's swearing here. Probably don't read this if you don't want to read swears. Also probably just a general trigger warning.



I hate that I'm in pain and I hate my depression and I hate myself for just.. me.

I'm sick of this shit and I'm so angry with my doctor who decided to make me wait like this for three fucking months just for him to do his job.


I had to drag myself across the floor because moving my stupid hips causes agony because I walked too far and stood for too long today even though my stupid doctor is like "just exercise".


I'm going to have to spend days recovering now and I don't even know why I'm in pain I'm doing everything I can but my doctor's just decided that I'm a lazy teenager who doesn't exercise much (gee, maybe my horrible pain and depression might just make exercise a bit difficult) and who's too stupid to recognize the difference between exercise-pain and there's-an-agonizing-feeling-shooting-up-my-legs-and-spine-pain, and that the dizziness I feel when I stand up is harmless because my bloods came back normal.


So here I am with no fucking university degree, constant pain and at least three helpings of executive dysfunction doing most of this guy's job for him since he can't be assed to.

And I'm sick of hearing that shitty "don't listen to doctor google" line because who the hell else am I meant to listen to exactly? I mean, the only person treating me happens to be a high schooler who no one will listen to of course I'm going to use doctor google, but no I'm meant to just passively accept my pain and wait until one of my saintly doctors heroically fixes me through the power of telling me not to look disabled


I'm just so stuck. I wish it was like when I was a kid and someone would just give me an ice pack and I'd start to get better but now I have to fight for every bit of help and I'm exhausted. 

Fighting in any way has never been in my nature and now I've been forced into a position where it's my only option. I've had to learn that kindness only happens when it's convenient. 


A year ago I promised my friend that I wouldn't kill myself and I'm going to keep that promise.

But right now I'm not sure what to do other than just wait all of the years till I finally die.

Is there.. anyone who can help?


Re: Tired of my doctors and my health

Hi @Tiny_leaf

Thank you for sharing these thoughts with us - I can't imagine how frustrating and exhausting it must be to continue to experience pain and symptoms, and not get answers or the help you need. 

Living in constant pain must be awful. Sadly it is quite common for people who experience chronic pain to also experience great difficulty in getting the help they need, and to get access to the team of support people they need. 

It sounds like you've tried a few different doctors without much luck. 

You sound like you're experiencing a bit of a burn out around your health - does it feel that way to you?  

I just want to validate that feeling overwhelmed and burnout is very understandable given your situation, and that you deserve to be heard and supported. 


A few ideas you might be open to when you have the energy - 
-Do you access a psychologist or counsellor who understands your pain and works with you on this? Sometimes getting mental health support is part of the package for reducing physical pain. 

-If you can, could you try to see a different doctor? There are clinics that specialise in pain - I'm not too sure where you are in Australia, but at various hospitals around the country there are pain clinics you can get a GP referral to see.. perhaps you could to explore this option? 

-Pain Australia has some resources you might find helpful - have a browse around their website if you're up for it. 

-There is also great information on this website - pain management 

-The only other thing I can think to suggest, is looking at the Livewire  as a support option. 


Thinking of you, let us know how you are today. 


I'm leaving ReachOut on the 5th of June Smiley Sad Say goodbye here

Re: Tired of my doctors and my health

@gina-RO thank you.

And burn out! That's the phrase I was looking for!!


Could I ask what a pain clinic is? I'd like to look into it but haven't heard of them before..


And I'm doing a bit better today, I can at least move my hips now so if I can't use my cane today I'll at least be able to crawl/ kneel instead of drag myself around like a seal...


Re: Tired of my doctors and my health

I just realized that the leopard seal from Happy Feet pretty much describes how I felt yesterday afternoon....



Just like clumsily dragging myself around. But doing it angrily.

Hopefully I can go back to being a bit more like Mumble at some point.. 


Re: Tired of my doctors and my health

@Tiny_leaf  I love the film happy feet! 
The image of you being a seal makes me sad and want to laugh at the same time. 

I hope you return to mumble vibes with his fast and happy feet soon. 


giphy (8).gif

A pain clinic is a group of specialists all dedicated to working with people who experience ongoing pain. They work to reduce the pain symptoms, and increase wellbeing. 


Here is an example of one at a hospital in Sydney, just to give you an idea of what they do: 


I'm not sure if it would be suited to what you need, but it's just an idea you can consider. 


Burn out is tough. But the good news is, it is generally temporary. With some support, and some time to recuperate, your energy should start to pick up again, and you'll be able to keep fighting for your health. In the meantime, it's absolutely okay for you to take a breather, and look after your emotional health. 


I'm leaving ReachOut on the 5th of June Smiley Sad Say goodbye here