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Too much

I forgot my meds this morning.

Took me ages to figure out why I'd been feeling so suicidal.

Nearly asked to go to emergency.

Had my tablets now but still feel shit.


I'm hungry but the idea of eating is making me feel sick.


I wish I didn't have to deal with any of this.

I need help but everyone's too busy and too stressed to help.

I'm too much.

Too much effort. Too dependant on others. Too many needs that are too hard to meet.


I'm really struggling.


Re: Too much

Hey @Tiny_leaf, thank you for sharing. I am glad you remembered to take your medication - it can be quite easy to forget. Are there specific strategies you use to make sure you remember? I wish you didn't have to go through this either.

Are you still feeling suicidal now? I wish I could explore this more with you but I have to log off. If things get worse or you are feeling suicidal, I hope you can head to emergency or talk to someone you trust who is helpful Heart

Re: Too much

@Taylor-RO normally my parents get it for me but didn't happen today for some reason.

Yes but I'm safe.


Re: Too much

@Tiny_leaf  I am sorry you feel this way I cannot provide anything to help with the situation but I do empathize with the feeling it sucks it really really sucks a lot. 


Re: Too much

Thanks @Eden1717 


Re: Too much

A turkey pooped on me.

I smell like turkey intestines.

Also I got a reminder that no one gives a fuck about me.

Today hasn't been great so far.


Re: Too much

Hey @Tiny_leaf 


Sorry to hear that you're struggling Smiley Sad and that you feel like such a burden on others... it must be horrible to feel that way. Please know that we really enjoy having you around the forums!


I'm not sure if you'd be interested or if you already know about it, but since you mentioned feeling tempted to self-harm, I thought I'd share a resource with you that my lecturer showed me at uni. It is called calm-harm. I checked it out this morning and it seems pretty user friendly. If you try it out, let me know what you think Smiley Happy


How are you feeling today?


Re: Too much

@Maddy-RO Yeah I'd heard of it.

Though do you know the self harm alternatives thread?

It might be useful there if you wanted to put it there.


I feel really crap..

A project that my volunteering organization said I could take on has been done by someone else before I got the chance. 

The experience from that project would've been ideal work experience for me but a couple of guys who already have jobs and who don't have to constantly prove themselves to everyone decided to do it while I was still trying to organise things properly.


Then a turkey pooped on me.

A lot. Terrible smell.

I spent like 20 minutes in the shower.


Now I'm hungry.

But eating is hard. And I still feel sick from smelling the poop. 

And also don't feel like eating because of my mood.

And also only feel like I'd be capable of eating really specific food.

I feel dizzy and it feels like I've been punched in the stomach.


Re: Too much

Oh no, that must have been horrible to be pooped on @Tiny_leaf! Perhaps you could smell some nice things around the house.. or get some fresh air to reset your senses?

I don't blame you for feeling ill - that would be enough to kill anyone's appetite. You mention being hungry and feeling dizzy.. what usually helps when you don't feel like eating? Heart

Re: Too much

@Taylor-RO I was able to get some food that I could eat.

I was also able to have a shower and cover myself in scented conditioner. 

Which isn't meant to be used as soap but it got rid of the smell.