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Totally Lost

Hello Everyone


Im a 54 year old woman , I was diagnosed with BPD last year , Diagnosed Bipolar 8 years ago. My eldest son passed away in Novemeber last year . December I found out my husband has Aspergers... feeling lonely and miserbale I reached out and decided to have an affair, hubs has no sex drive Smiley Sad Anyway I decided to end the affiar yesterday before it became physical .


I live in a state of constant chaos ,cant make decisions , and make one mess after another , hubs cant handle money neither can I, my intelligence is above average, I cant find work , I cant make friends, I feel as if im going mad 90% of the time, my pshychologist advised me to go bacck onto mood stabilizers , im feeling a bit more rational which is probably why I ended the affair , I coulndt come to grips with the "wrongness" of it , im brutally honest with myself and others.


My son was 32, drug overdose , my younger son is 29 headed the same way .... I just cant anymore .. i want to fix me so badly Smiley Sad Smiley Sad Smiley Sad Smiley Sad now im missing the bloke I had a "thing" with ...


Re: Totally Lost

Got no advice but an internet hug for you. xoxo

Re: Totally Lost


hugs are always welcome thanks Smiley Happy

Re: Totally Lost

Hi @Shilly welcome to the ReachOut forums!


The support ReachOut offers is more appropriate for 12-25 year olds, and so our support may not be too helpful. The Beyond Blue website has forums similar to ReachOut but more appopriate for someone in your age group. Is that something you might like to check out? If so please follow this link- 


It sounds like so much is going for you though right now! How is all of it affecting you?

Re: Totally Lost


Oh sorry didnt see the age thing ill go to the link you sent me ty 


and its affecting me badly Smiley Sad

Re: Totally Lost

Really sorry to hear you're struggling at the moment @Shilly. The beyondblue forums are a really supportive space for adults, as are the SANE forums. I hope you get the chance to check them out.