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Re: Transphobia (TW)

@WheresMySquishy I know... I hope she and her parents didn't have to read it Smiley Sad

She's a freaking six year old girl who went to school with her hair up in a ponytail, and she and her parents ended up on the front page of a major newspaper because of it!

I'm just glad that they couldn't include a photo of the poor kid.


I don't think reporting it would do anything....

People just don't fucking care..

When trans rights get brought up, a whole heap of terms get thrown around.

Usually "special snowflakes" "political correctness gone mad" "radical gender politics" "transgender lobby groups". Stuff like that.

Never "equal human rights" or "basic decency and kindness".

News organisations cause distress, prejudice and offence all the time but if anyone tries to speak out they get shut down. 

They just need to find a target that most people don't care about.


That's the main problem I think..

It's not just an occasional biased story. It's everywhere and hardly anyone cares.

In the media we become a political talking point instead of people.

Re: Transphobia (TW)

Hey @Tiny_leaf  


I think it's really hard being online sometimes, because we end up being exposed to opinions that we mightn't have ever had to confront if it wasn't for the way the internet brings us all together. It's taken me awhile but I've learnt there are certain topics I simply can't engage with online in order to take care of myself. 


Sometimes I find writing complaints/strongly worded e-mails can still be cathartic, even if you feel it will fall on deaf ears. The act of getting your frustration out feels good, and you never know who might read it. In saying that, I do get how exhausting it is having to come across articles such as these. Heart 

Re: Transphobia (TW)

@Bre-RO unfortunately this isn't online..

The stuff said online is much, much worse, but I'm generally better at avoiding it.

This is in print newspapers and tv news sites. Smiley Indifferent


I came across the mass of shitty online articles because I've been thinking about a physical transition and the internet was the only place I could really go to find out more about my options.

I know a few links to queer friendly sites but they often only mention a couple of options.

Re: Transphobia (TW)

Hey @Tiny_leaf 


Ugh that sucks. The media can be so triggering sometimes. Whenever I see something upsetting in a newspaper or online I try to counterbalance it with something good. So I'll go out of my way to search for the good work some people are doing for the cause. 


Here's a link to a page on the Gender Diversity Services - I think this would be your best way of figuring out your options with transitioning. Hope it helps Smiley Happy 

Re: Transphobia (TW)

Thanks @Bre-RO 

I'm a little scared of that organisation though, as they're "related" to a mental health treatment provider that I've had some pretty bad experiences with....

Honestly I'm just using Wikipedia atm.

Re: Transphobia (TW)

Hey @Tiny_leaf, sorry to hear that you've had some pretty bad experiences with the mental health treatment provider Smiley Sad. Like you, I often come across articles (especially on social media) that bully gender diverse populations. Even positive articles I read on Facebook (like those published by Queer Voices) always happen to have negative comments under them, which turns my happiness from reading the positive article into upset and disappointment Smiley Sad.
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Re: Transphobia (TW)

I just watched a thing addressing the exact issue of transphobia in the media and it was weirdly validating to watch.

They just perfectly showed how ridiculous and biased the whole thing is, supported trans youth and proper medical experts in the field. 😊

Apparently one of this newspaper's chosen "medical experts in the field" who they cited is actually a diabetes specialist, and another one had admitted that he had never actually had a trans patient (glad to hear that no trans kids had to deal with him).


Idk, it was just nice to see this being addressed by a dude who (as far as I know) is cis and in mainstream media.


Here's the link for anyone interested.;

TW for mentions and descriptions of transphobia in the media (in case you hadn't guessed)

Re: Transphobia (TW)

Ooooh yes, I am very interested @Tiny_leaf, thank you for sharing! Heart 

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Re: Transphobia (TW)

@letitgo no problem!

Re: Transphobia (TW)

Thanks so much for that video @Tiny_leaf. I'm watching it now.

It's amazing how doctors, professionals and the media often use biased and stigmatising language without realising the negative impact it can have on people. Smiley Sad

I'm glad I don't read that newspaper. I've had to stop reading some news sources because they were inaccurate and trying to push particular views.