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Trauma from psychosis?

My depression has psychotic features.

While I'm on medication now and it's fairly well controlled, I can't forget what I saw and felt in the hallucinations. It feels like those experiences have changed me deeply, and I don't know how to cope with the anxiety and memories. 


I have spent ages searching the internet found no mention of trauma caused by hallucinations on trauma, psychosis, psychology or mental health websites and forums, and have had to cope with this more or less alone.


l don't know if anyone else has this issue, but if you have (or need) suggestions about this then maybe we can share ideas? 


Re: Trauma from psychosis?

Hey @Tiny_leaf. I haven't had this problem, but I have got/had a bit of depression. Have you tried Kids Helpline or eHeadspace before? They can be good sources to take a look at.

As much as I haven't been in this particular situation, I'm here to talk if you need. You're not alone. Remember that.
Here for you.Smiley Wink Hugs.

//You are strong, You are beautiful, You are enough//

Re: Trauma from psychosis?

Hey @Tiny_leaf  - Welcome to ReachOut and thanks for sharing! Reaching out can be difficult so that took courage. 


I can't relate to your experience but I'd imagine other's can. It's surprising there isn't much research in the area of trauma from hallucinations/psychosis out there. You may just have identified an area of research that is in dire need of attention Cat Wink 


I guess the only way I can relate to it is in the sense of having a bad dream. You know when you wake up after a nightmare and still feel scared? Does it kind of feel like that? 


I hope you feel less alone by joining this forum. Also, since your a new user, please check out our guidelines here when you get a chance Cat Happy we like to alert new users to them so that everyone is using the forum properly. 

Re: Trauma from psychosis?

Hi @xXLexi_Lou122Xx. Yes, I've tried kids helpline a few times, with mixed results.

And thank you. Smiley Happy

Re: Trauma from psychosis?

You're welcome @Tiny_leaf. We're hear for you. How are you this evening?

Re: Trauma from psychosis?



No, it doesn't really feel like that, though that feeling isn't fun either, especially after one of those weird falling dreams...

Sometimes it's like the hallucinations are "replaying", so I can see the old hallucination but not feel or hear it, sometimes I go into a weird trance thing where I stare into the distance, and sometimes it's just a lot of anxiety if I think too much about it.


And thank you, I've read them just now. Smiley Happy

Re: Trauma from psychosis?

I know what you mean with the trance thing. I fall into those a lot. I often see me, in some sort of danger (mild danger). They also replay a lot. The same one replays, but it hasn't bothered me much.
Want to chat about it?

Re: Trauma from psychosis?

@xXLexi_Lou122Xx Chatting sounds good.

Re: Trauma from psychosis?

@Tiny_leaf  yes i can relate to this it is not really like a bad dream at all. I think sometimes when people think of psychosis they think it is like a nightmare but mostly in nightmares you know you are dreaming. with psychosis it isnt like that at all you are awake you know you are awake and the things are real like everything else is only no else sees them. i was not so much scared by what i saw or heard although there where times but for me the hardest part was dealing with the fact that a very large belief i had was not something that i was allowed to believe anymore I still dont know if it was real or not people say not but there is no way to prove or disprove it kind of like religion so it is a hard one for me but essentially my entire world came crashing down around me and that was very distressing. if what you saw scared you a lot it makes sense that it has left a large impact. i would suggest talking to someone about it if possible. you are not alone. 

Re: Trauma from psychosis?

@Eden1717 I know what you mean there. At one point I had two friends, both of whom where trying to convince me the other one wasn't real. Kinda hard to figure out who's right when they both have exactly the same arguments...


And I'm trying to find a professional to talk to. It's taking a while, thanks to my "collection" of weird disorders complicating stuff, but I'm definitely making progress with it.


And thank you very much for sharing.