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Re: Trauma from psychosis?

Sorry I wasn't back here @Tiny_leaf. I was falling asleep...

How are you today?

Re: Trauma from psychosis?

@xXLexi_Lou122Xx No problems. Smiley Happy

And I'm fairly good, how about you?

Re: Trauma from psychosis?

I'm ok. I just don't feel like myself today. Otherwise, I'm good.
What are you doing today?

Re: Trauma from psychosis?

Hey there @Tiny_leaf , 

I just want to echo what's been said by others - psychosis can be terrifying, and for some, traumatic. I'm also surprised that there isn't much out there about experiencing psychosis as being traumatic, because I'd say it's fairly common.


I 'm glad to hear that you're making progress finding a professional to talk this through with . I hope you find one soon. 

You could also try to call Blueknot on 1300 657 380 as they specialise in trauma, and will be able to talk this through with you, and offer some validation and support. 


I've noticed you providing a lot of support to others on the forum already - thank you for that. Your empathy and wisdom are helping many others here. 


I'm leaving ReachOut on the 5th of June Smiley Sad Say goodbye here

Re: Trauma from psychosis?

Idk where to put this but does anyone else ever find flashbacks weirdly funny?

Because I just had a horrifying memory pop up and for some reason I started laughing even though I was crying.

I hate that memory but the worse it gets the more funny I find it right now.

Re: Trauma from psychosis?

Hey @Tiny_leaf I think this thread is a suitable place for that conversation. Smiley Happy

It's not something I experience, but we all process bad memories differently so maybe finding it funny, or looking for humour is one way that you/your brain is trying to process.

How was the rest of your morning? Smiley Happy  

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Re: Trauma from psychosis?

@letitgo yeah, I know what you mean about finding humor in it, but I'm not sure that was what was happening.

It wasn't so much I felt amused by it, it was just.. the worse I felt the more I laughed. Which only made me feel worse somehow. It almost didn't even feel like laughing but it was..

Re: Trauma from psychosis?

It was what @Tiny_leaf?

Re: Trauma from psychosis?

@xXLexi_Lou122Xx as in it was laughter, even though it didn't feel like it all that much.

Re: Trauma from psychosis?

That really sucks...
I know what you mean, but I've never really experienced it before.