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Triage questions (not sure what else to name the topic)



And if this isn't posted in an appropriate thread, feel free to move it.


Hi all. I have some questions please, but please note that I'm not going to do anything or go there, these are just questions.


  • What happens when you call 000 (I assume you would ask for Ambulance or Police?) for mental health, so say if you were going to do something or attempted or just that the thoughts were really strong, or if you couldn't get through to somewhere like Lifeline? (I've never called for this reason).
  • If you went to a triage, what do they do? Do they just put you on heaps of meds and admit you, or can they just support you (kind of like a group where you share your story with others, or?)


I ask this because my Psychiatrist referred me to the local triage, but when I exchanged phone calls with them, they were all extremely rude and unhelpful and refused to help me or even let me ask questions, or tell me anyone that could help me. They said that they don't even know why my Psychiatrist wasted his time because they're not going to help me and they just admit people rather than give them support or tell me who else can help. Yes I told my Psychiatrist this, and my new GP.


As mentioned above, I'm not going to do anything, I'm just curious.


Thanks. Also please note I'm not trying to trigger anyone, just questions, hence why I wrote that up the top in caps.


I'll tag everyone below that I've talked to on the forums.


@Tiny_leaf @Bananatime04 @WheresMySquishy @scared01 @xXLexi_Lou122Xx @Taylor-RO (I hope I got everyone's usernames right. And please note that if you're not sure what to say or don't wish to reply, that's fine).

Re: Triage questions (not sure what else to name the topic)

I'm not exactly sure what to do...
I've never had to have that sort of thing done, so Maybe the other users could help?

Sorry. But those are some good questions!Smiley Happy

Re: Triage questions (not sure what else to name the topic)

No worries @xXLexi_Lou122Xx , all good.


I'm just not sure who to believe, and what to believe. I apologise for tagging you and others, as mentioned I thought i'd tag everyone I've talked to on here. I also posted this on SANE.


I hope I didn't trigger or upset you or anyone else, I know it's more of a professional question.


I'll ask my Psychiatrist and GP when I see them again, because it's just confusing and it's been on my mind, although I'm not going to do anything like I said.


Thanks for replying anyway 

Re: Triage questions (not sure what else to name the topic)

@musicfan_xo  Idk what you are meaning by triage... triage is usually the thing they do when you enter the emergency department and it refers to the process in which cases are seen according to need and urgency, as in ‘’you are triaged in the emergency department’’.... do you mean something like the mental heath crisis line? The the CATT team or ACESS line? 


When you call tripple 0 they ask what service you want ambulance, fire, police and then transfer you to the appropriate line who then asks you questions about your situation. But tripple zero is more for immediate emergencies like if you are doing something right then and there otherwise you would be better to ring the mental health crisis team. 


If if you go to the emergency department as in you take yourself there it is usually a long wait except at least 6 hours possibly longer as they process you then eventually you will will get seen by a mental health professional/general doctor who will decide if you need to see the psychiatrist then you will wait for another few hours and then the psych will come and assess you and decide to either admit you or send you home. If you are taken by the police or ambulance they process you a little faster at the first stage but the wait to see the psych is the same. Mostly in emergency they don’t do a lot occasionally they  will take your blood pressure and temperature sometimes they offer you food or drinks. But it is pretty boring at the best and can be distressing at worst. 


If you get admitted you likely go to a shirt stay word where you stay for a few days and they assess you and decide to either send you to the long stay ward or send you home. If you go to the long stay ward you are usually there for around 2-3 weeks and then they send you home. Depends on the hospital though but that is what public hospitals are like in a very short description. If you want more specific information you can tag me I have been in public and private hospitals more times than I can or want to count. And have dealt with pretty much all types of mental health services.  But yeah I am not sure what you mean by triage... 

Re: Triage questions (not sure what else to name the topic)

Hi @Eden1717 .


I guess that's what I mean by Triage, that's just what they're called where I live, when I've talked to them on the phone (despite them being rude) they've just called it that, nothing else. And that's a 24/7 number (so a 1800 number or something).


I've called 000 for other things, not for me but for loved ones, so an emergency so I know the process over the phone, just not for mental health. Plus I wouldn't feel comfortable calling them myself.


Thanks for your reply anyway

Re: Triage questions (not sure what else to name the topic)

@musicfan_xo  I'm not sure what happens with mental health triage, but I've recently gone to the emergency department and spoke to a triage nurse before seeing a doctor.
This was at a private hospital, so I'm not sure what the process would be for a public hospital.

I can answer any questions you have about it if you like. Smiley Happy

Re: Triage questions (not sure what else to name the topic)

Hi @WheresMySquishy , thanks for replying. I don't know about either, never been to either. Only been in hospital myself for a surgery in 2018 and obviously that was all different and it had to happen, otherwise I wouldn't be here.


I don't have private health insurance, but if you're comfortable you can share your experiences, it's totally up to you, I respect that

Re: Triage questions (not sure what else to name the topic)

@musicfan_xo  I'm glad that your surgery went well! This year was also my first time showing up to an ER as an adult so I didn't know what to expect, although I've had day surgery at the same hospital a few times before.
I decided to show up for a medical problem rather than a mental health one. They gave me forms to fill out my Medicare and private health insurance details. I had to pay out of pocket costs just to show up. Then I got seen by a triage nurse who weighed me and took a history. I explained everything to her. I don't know what they triaged me as initially. They told me there would be a bit of a wait because there were a lot of people, but it only took about 1.5-2 hours for me to be seen by a doctor after I first arrived. The doctor took another medical history and examined my abdomen while I was wearing a hospital gown. Then he brought a bedside ultrasound machine over (which I think I was billed for). He said it looked suspicious and suspected a kidney stone, so he ordered a CT scan and some other tests. The CT scan confirmed a large kidney stone and obstruction and I ended up being admitted for emergency surgery to place a stent and discharged the next day since I was on an antibiotic drip. I've since had another surgery as an outpatient to actually remove the stone.
There were a lot of gap fees and other costs despite having private health insurance. I was even billed for scans they did as part of the surgeries.
Unlike your experience, I found the emergency room people more helpful than the other doctor and ultrasound place I had been to before about my symptoms. They took me seriously even though I didn't look that sick or in pain. I wish the people you spoke to would have been more helpful. Smiley Sad

Re: Triage questions (not sure what else to name the topic)

@WheresMySquishy wow that sounds awful and scary, I'm so sorry.


That was like me with my surgery, I had an ultrasound because of heavy periods and an iron defiency, I thought everything was good, then found out I had a cyst. Long story short had heaps of tests and eventually surgery, recovery they said would take 4-6 weeks but it took about a week & half for me to walk properly because of my back (I had an Epidural for my pain for 2 days & an IV then oral meds). This was before I started antidepressants by the way, this was in November 2018. I only started meds (antidepressants) in August last year.


I hope you're alright now, wow. I wish you a speedy recovery. I'm glad they helped you though. Yeah I don't know why the triage people were so rude and refused to help me

Re: Triage questions (not sure what else to name the topic)

@musicfan_xo  Whoa! That sounds really crazy. Smiley Surprised
I've had those symptoms and I'm on iron tablets as well (though I might have to switch types now that I have kidney stones), but luckily I've only had to have a simple day surgery and there weren't any cysts. I've heard some horror stories about cysts.
Not being able to walk properly sounds awful! Smiley Sad When I had my stent, I could only walk short distances and thought that was bad, but your recovery sounds even worse. Your surgery sounds pretty full on. Smiley Surprised

Thanks for the kind words! I'm doing a lot better since my stent was removed last week and I'm not on antibiotics any more. Smiley Happy