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Re: Turning Negatives Into Positives

Negative: Slept in today !
Positive: Better start doing something productive.

Re: Turning Negatives Into Positives

Negative: A 'friend' cancelled our catch up tomorrow, said they were not sure if they wanted to re-schedule. Really angered me.

Positive: More time to myself...yay -.-. Took all the anger out on my punching bag, nearly knocked over the stand with the all force I was putting into it Smiley Frustrated.


Negative: Haven't seen a single friend these holidays.

Positive: Had plenty off time to myself to concentrate on my hobbies. Also have my birthday party coming up, will get to see friends then. My bestfriend better turn up or I am going to flip out


Negative: Had too much time to myself, starting to lose interest in my hobbies and lacking motivation

Positive: Boxing starts again next week, get me out of the house and doing something I love


Negative: Lacking motivation to do my normal boxing training routine.

Positive: Give myself a break, still haven't taken one from boxing yet. Time to think? I don't know, there isn't much positive about this one, at least I start boxing at the gym again next week.


Re: Turning Negatives Into Positives

Negative: Lost motivation to do any work. Haven't done any for uh... I have no clue :/ Feeling as though I should be doing it. But when I try to do it I make excuses and walk away.
Positive: I have done some of it. Just not enough.

Negative: I got a reply back from my drama teacher about the work, he said he was pleased to hear that I've been working hard, and I feel guilty because he thinks that and it's totally wrong!
Positive: I've done some work. I shouldn't beat myself up over what I haven't done

Negative: I felt terrible after taking the time out to paint my nails, it took all afternoon and I guess I'm feeling guilty because I could have been doing homework or whatever. And then it didn't work out as I expected and I had to remove one nail of each hand because the polish wasn't drying.
Positive: I was doign it for me. It was something nice for me!

Negative: I don't know whether I want to scream, yell, punch something, or cry. I'm feeling so messed up right now. I've been on a high and low rollercoaster these past few days it's insane, up one moment own the next, up, down, up down... (we get the picture...) I'm not sure why and it's so confusing!
Positive: I don't know.

Negative: I've got all these thoughts running through my mind. I'm having trouble controlling them.
Positive: I'm not going to listen to half of them. They aren't beneficial to me right now.

Remember you're amazing just as you are Heart


Re: Turning Negatives Into Positives

@Bee It sounds like you're having a lot of trouble with your homework and since we are in the same year I'll tell you what I do. Instead of trying to a lot of work in one sitting, I just do each subject in half hour blocks each day. I have math and physics questions to do (over 100 each) but I just do half hours blocks for each and I will get them done. As for trying to control your thoughts, you can't it's just that, you can't. Instead, by aware that you don't have to take any of thoughts seriously. Only focus on the thoughts that are helpful to you! Doesn't matter if there negative, positive or neutral, unless they're helpful, don't take them seriously Smiley Happy. Just thought I'd try to help Smiley Happy

Re: Turning Negatives Into Positives

@Tempus: THanks, I've worked out not to try and do it in one sitting. I just can't find anything that seems to actually work! I've tried doing blocks of work, and I just waste time doodling, staring into space ect. Somehow tonight I managed to turn thoughts of self-harm into doing this tension graph, which I've got to now do a final copy, but I just don't feel like doing it. It feels too much of a task now to finish this tiny bit of work...
I guess so, it just feels so impossible to get anything done with some of these intrusive thoughts that go around in circles sometimes... I'll try to only listen to the helpful ones...

Negative: Ended up in a panic last night, my mind in over-drive over pretty much everything. Panicing and worrying about when schools returns at the end of the month. Worrying about the trip to Sydney. I ended up so distraught I was hasping for air, I just couldn't breathe properly.
Positive: After a few pages of solid writting, a hypothetical letter, and listening to Pink's album The truth about love, I eventually fell asleep.

Negative: I woke during the night. I didn't have a good sleep. WOke this morning wishing it wasn't Friday, didn't feel up to seeing my friend today - even though I was so excited just 2 days prior. Contemplated calling the whole thing off.
Positive: I went through with seeing her today. It gave me something to keep my mind occupied this afternoon.

Negative: I've let myself fall back to where I was last night. I'm feeling so lost and unable to concentrate on anything. Even this simple exercise feels like a giantic task.
Positive: I'm going to get through it. I've had a couple shit days, where I've felt physically sick, but I'm going to be ok. I've just got to wait out these bad times until I feel ok again.

Negative: I've logged into KHL web chat, and have gone back and fourth between different positions in the queue, my mind is making a scene out of it.
Positive: I should get through soon. Hopefully my reular cousnellor is on...

Negative: FOr some reason I can't get the incident with dad this evening out of my mind. His anger and coments and just his general behaviour isn't helping me much right now. Even though he left for wrok about 4 hours ago I still feel bad because of it.
Positive: I feel back because he personally attacked me "You never do anything me for me or M." , "Like all the **** help you give me...." and so on. I know this was just pent up anger from possibly being told off by my older brother... It's just the fall out from him working with his second oldest son!
Positive: He's at work, and will be until about 7am. I should be happy that he's not home adding to my stress.

Negative: Right now I'm strugglign a lot to try and focus on anything. I'm fearing wen I go to bed. Hoping I don't end up like last night.
Positive: If I do, I'm going to try something different.

Remember you're amazing just as you are Heart


Re: Turning Negatives Into Positives

Negative: Haven't been feeling so great recently, stressing because I haven't been doing as much work as I'd have liked. I can't seem to focus on any of it.

Positive: I'm lying on the floor of my room trying to find inspiration to start drafting my script.


Negative: I have now exactly 2 weeks to get all of my work finished. I'm over thinking it and it's not leaving me feeling too great

Positive: I know what is expected. I know what the minimum is that I can do, and I guess that will just have to do. If I can get the majority of everything done I should be able to catch the rest up over time.


Negative: I'm feeling a little overwhelemed anddisappointed that I haven't used time effectively. I've got all these thoughts running through my mind, I just don't know.

Positive: I'm over thinking which is causing this feeling. I'm going to log into KHL latter and try and figure thigns out.


Negative: I'm feeling a little sick and blegh, not really wanting to do anything.

Positive: I'm going to head over to Everyday Life and Games and then try and do some work

Remember you're amazing just as you are Heart


Re: Turning Negatives Into Positives

I hope you're feeling better today DD.

Negative : Today I ate really bad food.
Positive : Life's too short to not enjoy it a little sometimes.

Re: Turning Negatives Into Positives

Negative: Today I visited my doctor (in a decent mood) for a check up and blah blah blah, ended up being alone in her office and reading a letter that another dr had written about me in our last 'interview'...  It made me feel really useless and upset and I'm just ready to quit talking to these people for good Smiley Mad

Positive: I'm moving towns. Good.


Negative: I can't take my kitten with me.

Positive: I think I have enough photos on my phone to keep my happy Smiley Tongue


Re: Turning Negatives Into Positives

Negative: I let my anxiety get to me yesterday and not make the phone call.

Positive: I did it today, and I did it well. The delay made barely any difference.


Negative: Looks like a lot more work than I was expecting.

Positive: I've got a while, I'm capable of it and I haven't gotten all of the information yet I'm just jumping to conclusions.


Negative: I thought I could use it to make it easier for next week, now I'm not sure.

Positive: I still can! It just won't be in the way I was expecting. 


Negative: This and next week and everything, I may be taking on too much.

Positive: It's not really going to be that much, it's just more than I'm used to. I'm capable of it, and I'm making a bigger deal of it now because it's all coming so close. I can get through it, it won't be that much. And if it is a bit more than I can do then I'll know to plan things better. There's no guarantee that anything will even come of it, then it won't be as much either.




Re: Turning Negatives Into Positives

Negative: After the day I had this one last action was just the icing on the cake to make it all go downhill again! Argh

Positive: I'm trying to ctonrol my thoughts. It was an accident. I can fix it up latter. There isn't anything I can do right now.


Negative: It's affected me because usually I'm better at looking after things! I have to make things last. just over 12months doesn't seem like a fair amount of time to then go and break it!

Positive: It lasted so well, I might as well just replace it with the same thing


Negative: Why does eerything have to break so easily??? I hate technology sometimes.. things need to be made unbreakable!

Positive: When it's under my big foot of course it's going to break Smiley Tongue Cheers big foot!


Negative: This incident is making me think back over all the negative's of today

Positive: NO. I'm not goin to let my mind go there. I had a good day! I did an amazing rive this morning. I did execptionally well. I did an amazing job in the KHL web chat with my counsellor today, which was awesome! I am going to be fine. I'm not injuried, I'm upset and I'mm allowed to be, but I've got to say well that happened, I just have to work around it until I can replace it.

Remember you're amazing just as you are Heart