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Re: Turning Negatives Into Positives

haha i dropped my old phone down a drain at the start of this year oops ! @Jay-RO

im feeling quite unwell :/ but im in the city which is good i guess and i have gym later

Re: Turning Negatives Into Positives

Neg: I'm feeling really sad now because my cold drink was knocked over by the cat when mum got too close to us as I was cuddling and playing with her and she got scared because of space and jumped knocking my drink over Smiley Sad
Pos: Nothing was broken so that's good, and kitty is okay, she's playing with her toy still but argh
Pos: I'm allowed to feel sad that I lost my cold drink...

Neg: This reminds me of everything else inside my head right now... It's a lot. I don't want to get into it
Pos: I've done well today to get through my psychologist appointment and engage despite difficult topics mentioned.

Neg: I remembered I have an early dentist appointment tomorrow, and I don't want to go for a multitude of reasons. ugh
Pos: I'm going to reach out for some support for this before I decide to ditch it..


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Re: Turning Negatives Into Positives

Negative: I didn't get the job I really wanted


Positive: I got positive feedback on my interviewing skills and have the opportunity to apply for other great jobs! 

Re: Turning Negatives Into Positives

neg: back to the feeling of let’s end my life ! oh how fun 

pos: ah still here ?


neg: everytime i hear an ambulance i keep thinking they are after me

pos: no one has called emergency calls so i know they aren’t after me


neg: my whole friend group went to one the girls house and did not invite me Smiley Sad the girl also invited another girls boyfriend. wtf why did they leave me out ?

pos: ah is there one ? 

Re: Turning Negatives Into Positives

Hey there @litgym,

You've done an awesome job trying to reframe some of the negative thoughts you're dealing with right now. Would you like to make a new thread about those feelings? Are you able to get in contact with your KHL counselor or other support, such as your case manger, today?

Re: Turning Negatives Into Positives

neg: feeling very low and have made some dumb decisions 

pos: this is what happens, incidents will happen despite how much i try.


neg: so bought bandaids from coles and then i went into Kmart. then realising that i didn’t get a receipt ! they were 2 security guards and 2 Kmart workers at the front checking people’s bag. and guess who started having a panic attack and meltdown on floor in Kmart ? me !! kmart has the exact same bandaids as the ones that i bought. i then knew if i tried to leave, i would have to deal with security and of course they don’t believe teenagers. and then i would have to explain i wasn’t stealing, then they’ll call 000 because they’ll realise i was going to try and take my life. 

pos: after a very long panic attack and breakdown, i came up with a smart idea ! i glided my bandaids across the floor under some rack thing because i knew if i tried to keep them things would go horribly wrong.

Re: Turning Negatives Into Positives

That sounds like a very stressful situation to be in @litgym! I'm sorry to hear that it didn't go so well, but it sounds like you came up with a great solution Smiley Happy You've done an awesome job reframing these negative thoughts too, sometimes things do happen but the way you've handled yourself afterwards is inspiring. You are doing amazing.

Re: Turning Negatives Into Positives

neg: life is the shittest and I feel extremely low

pos: there isn't one

Re: Turning Negatives Into Positives

@litgym pos: you are still here talking to us
Trying to make my misery
just a piece of my history
A little less victim a little more victory
-Icon for Hire

Re: Turning Negatives Into Positives

Neg: read a really triggering post and it bought up some stuff
Pos: went for a walk, read some more of the book I'm reading and got myself off the topic

Neg: having a really crappy day, feel terrible and just want to let go
Pos: idk I'm safe and I'm reading a good book I suppose :/

Neg: got stung by a blue bottle in the eye (what a day I know) and it keeps twitching and hurts a lot
Pos: the ice made it feel a bit better

Neg: I'm really worried about someone atm
Pos: they're strong enough to hang in there

Neg: so many thoughts are coming up it's like every bad thought ever is resurfacing and overwhelming
Pos; I'm seeing my psych tomorrow so i might talk about it with her i don't really know tbh :/