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Re: Turning Negatives Into Positives

Negative: I am extremely tired lately, by 11am I can’t keep my eyes open and I haven’t been going to bed that late. Sometimes falling asleep on the couch after work. 
Positive: prompted me to book a doctors appointment even though I have strong hate towards going, but it means i have the opportunity to fix it and mention some other concerns I have

Re: Turning Negatives Into Positives

@Saltwaterdreamtime awesome initiative! going to the doctors can be so rough but defs agree it's better to have answer/manage your health than not go! 


Negative: I have been struggling to get back into routine after holidays, mostly because I haven't been able to get out of bed before lunch the past couple of days. 


Positive: It was my body telling me I need rest, even after holidays we need to recuperate and I've set a goal to wake up at a reasonable time for the rest of the week now that I am feeling more rested. 

Re: Turning Negatives Into Positives

Neg: Noticing that my mental health conditions are becoming intense and hard to cope with recently. I'm kind of scared that they will impact work
Pos: I've noticed them becoming intense and I have tried to be gentle with myself, I have mentioned them to a couple of my supports. I think it might be time to discuss them further. I have support meetings coming up over the next two weeks so hopefully, I can let them know.

Remember you're amazing just as you are Heart

Re: Turning Negatives Into Positives

I'm proud of you @Bee, I hope your supports are helpful to you HeartHeartHeart


Negative: This weekend I couldn't concentrate at all so I haven't done any studying and I feel super anxious and angry with myself. 

Positive: This week I submitted all my assessment things that I needed to so although I feel behind I'm not at risk of failing. Plus I did laundry today so I have clothes to wear to class tomorrow! 


Negative: I reached out to beyond blue for support and the counsellor said it seemed like I'd tried everything already and she had nothing to suggest. 

Positive: Although the chat was short it at least passed some time and I know that I'm doing the right things. 


Negative: I'm super anxious to the point of tears about going to class tomorrow. 

Positive: I'm committed to attending despite the anxiety which shows resilience and strength. 

Re: Turning Negatives Into Positives

@DruidChild That is awesome that you got all your assessment done! Even though you didn't get any study done, it may have been nice for your brain to have a bit of a holiday haha and you can always start fresh with the studying tomorrow. Sorry to hear that your anxiety is bad at the moment but reaching out to a counsellor was definitely a positive step.


Negative: I am so fed up with trying to find a job and it feels as though my degree is going to waste. I keep thinking that I'll be in my retail job (that I hate) for the rest of my life.


Positive: Although I have been unsuccessful with job applications, my aunty reached out to me this week with a possible volunteering opportunity. This has given me some hope that there are still options out there and I am determined to persevere and find a job where I can use my degree. I have accepted that it might just take time to find a job and that is ok.

Re: Turning Negatives Into Positives

@BeeSending you love and support Heart

Re: Turning Negatives Into Positives

Neg: I have been having pain in my eyes for a little while now, but I chalked it up to my preexisting eye conditions and let my health take a backseat to look after my sister and sort out her stuff. It ended up turning into an infection. Smiley Sad
Pos: It made me realise that I've been neglecting my health and self care. One of my family members got me some antibiotics and eye drops and I've been feeling better. Then they offered to take me out to watch a movie or something to get my mind off what was happening with my sister. Yay! Smiley Happy

Re: Turning Negatives Into Positives

Negative: I lost my job yesterday. They chose not to renew my contract.


Positive: I was with my friend when I found out and she was really supportive. My mum has also been really supportive. I'll also likely have more time to study now.

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Re: Turning Negatives Into Positives

So sorry to hear that @letitgo that must have been really tough. I hope you are feeling okay and are able to do some self care <3

Negative: I'm feeling overwhelmed about lots of things building up
Positive: I will feel really great/proud of myself when it's all over and I've put in so much work

Re: Turning Negatives Into Positives

@letitgo I'm sorry to hesr you lost your job. I hope you're able to do some self-care to manage during this time Heart x

Remember you're amazing just as you are Heart