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Re: Turning Negatives Into Positives

haha i dropped my old phone down a drain at the start of this year oops ! @Jay-RO

im feeling quite unwell :/ but im in the city which is good i guess and i have gym later

Re: Turning Negatives Into Positives

Neg: I'm feeling really sad now because my cold drink was knocked over by the cat when mum got too close to us as I was cuddling and playing with her and she got scared because of space and jumped knocking my drink over Smiley Sad
Pos: Nothing was broken so that's good, and kitty is okay, she's playing with her toy still but argh
Pos: I'm allowed to feel sad that I lost my cold drink...

Neg: This reminds me of everything else inside my head right now... It's a lot. I don't want to get into it
Pos: I've done well today to get through my psychologist appointment and engage despite difficult topics mentioned.

Neg: I remembered I have an early dentist appointment tomorrow, and I don't want to go for a multitude of reasons. ugh
Pos: I'm going to reach out for some support for this before I decide to ditch it..


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