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Re: Turning Negatives Into Positives

Negative: In a bad place right now. Feeling as though I'm not adequate, like I'm not good enough. I'm doubting my own ability to do anything. And battling to ignore unhelpful repetitive thoughts.

Positive: I'm fighting through it. I know otherwise to what my mind is trying to tell me right now. I will pull through

Negative: I think I might have pushed myself too far by having my friend stay the night, might have been too much too soon!

Positive: It wasn't all bad and I know that next time I'm to do something similar I need to prepare myself better and be in a better place emotionally. But she's one of my closest friends and I need to realise that I can't expect her to act in ways I want her to.

Negative: I've got a few regrets from the past 27hours and they are plaguing my min like there's no tomorrow.

Positive: I know why I've got them and I can learn from my mistakes, I need to be responsible for my own actions only!


Negative: I'm getting really irate because my wrist just isn't getting any better. I've rested it for 2 weeks, well I've tried to! I've done minimal things and have had it off support for just over a week as it was going good, but now it's gone backwards....

Positive: It could be because I didn't support it yesterday with the face painting, I figured it would be sore but not this bad. I can support it now with a bandage...

Negative: I don't want to start the term off with my hand bandaged again, I am paranoid about the comments and remarks of some people... I'm sick of being the person who always has something wrong with them...

Positive: I'll fight it through. If I need support for it I need support for it. Maybe my science teacher will be able to help with my with what to do with my wrist? Afterall he said it could be RSI, and after I did a bit of searching it does sound like it, but hey what would I know?


Negative: I no longer feel ready to start term again tomorrow. I want to crawl under a rock and hide for a few more weeks...

Positive: I don't have a class period 1, so it gives me an hour to tackle any anxiety and try and bring it down to a manageable level.

Negative: I'm worried about the outcomes of having my friend over. I don't want to face another girl as she wasn't impressed I had omy other friend over and last time I spoke to her (online) she left soon after I came on and acted as though I was nothing to her... and when I mentioned about searching RSI because my science teacher mentioned it last week of term she had to make herself centre of attention "oh I have that". Argh..

Positive: I'll get through it. I know there is always other people I can sit with at lunch.


Negative: I feel as though I'm out of control and I'm not really sure how to pull rein in on myself...

Positive: I'll get through it. I've tackled so much I'll be able to figure something out


Negative: I got some money yesterday from helping out with some face painting at a local fate. I'm feeling guilty as if I don't deserve the money I got.. I didn't expect anything and thought it was just volunteer work. I'm not sure if and how I should tell my mum... It's eating my up inside and I'm so paranoid that she will find out and think I lied to her about it being volunteer work/ experience with children...

Positive: I (guess) earnt what I got?


Negative: Feeling as though everything right now is just too much...

Positive: Tomorrow night's GR sesh will probably help me Smiley Happy

Remember you're amazing just as you are Heart

Re: Turning Negatives Into Positives

Neg: Yeah, you'd really feel like studying after being told that "your mum's sick. You have nothing to be stressed about!" Um, I get the message thanks!  

Pos: I only had to cope with a day of it....


Neg: Don't want to touch belonging @ all...

Pos: I've done an essay and I can read not belonging ones to avoid being triggered


Neg: How do I write the story without being triggered?

Pos: mum says she'll help me...


Neg: Why is this ilness so selfsh?

Pos: Maybe it's not selfish, just teaching me to look after myself


Neg: Not doing a good job of that

Pos: I'm trying...

Re: Turning Negatives Into Positives

Negative: Felt a couple times today that things weren't right...

Positive: I stuck them through


Negative: My friends were giving me crap because I'm hanging out with this guy who's now joined our year (he first joined our drama class, and now he's continueing yr12 with us... because he missed a few too many weeks last year) and because he's in a few of my classes

Positive: He's a great guy and it's the start of a new friendship Smiley Happy


Negative: I realised today that it's not me being distant that has impacted the friendship circle I'm in. It's them. They talk about topics that make me uncomfortable, they are rude and careless and only care about themselves... (slight overaxegaration). But hanging out wiht them isn't proving to help me any

Positive: I have realised that hanging out with this circle is bringing me down and limits are needed. I can always chill with this guy I've friended or I can go home during breaks Smiley Happy


Negative: My drama teacher was away to and is apparently going to be absent the whole week! :/ Which means everything gets delayed and I'm keen to start drama again!

Positive: I have a bit more time to think up ideas for my IP and there isn't any stress with it.. yet Smiley Happy

Remember you're amazing just as you are Heart

Re: Turning Negatives Into Positives

Negative: I felt really down after school today, mainly becauseof what a friend had said and how she acted toward me.

Positive: She's over reacting, I have a right to do what I want, she shouldn't be able to contorl me

Negative: I feel like I'm a terrible friend. I feel like it's all my fault. Like I could have done something to prevent this from happening.

Positive: I'm not a terrible friend, I couldn't have done anything to prevent her attack.


Negative: Intrusive thoughts have come back this afternooon, and they are upsetting

Positive: I've fought through them. I'm fighting through them.

Remember you're amazing just as you are Heart

Re: Turning Negatives Into Positives

Negative: Feeling really low. Haven't had the best day. Repetitive thoughts are kreeping into my mind again today Smiley Sad

Positive: I'm trying my best to fight them free.


Negative: It's day 3 of the HSC course and I'm already feeling swamped over. And it's just the work given today! Doesn't help that I was only given this weeks drama work today as our teacher is absent for the week. While I was sitting around doing nothing monday/Tuesday I could have been working on my drama work but no the head teacher loves to be a pain in the arse and make everything 10x harder :@ argh...

Positive: I can leave the drama work until the weekend, I should be able to tackel 4 lessons forth in 2 days right?


Negative: Feeling isolated from everyone. Desperately needing to talk to someone - but who? The school counsellor isn't in, and who knows when we will have her back... feeling like everything is just going down the gurdler Smiley Sad

Positive: I'm hanging in there. I've been hanging out with different people each time. Trying to find the best fit. I'm in the KHL queue right now. I've got to keep fighting.


Negative: My meeting with the careers adviser didn't go to well today. It was good I guess but the after marth wasn't so. So I'm apart of this year group that doesn't give a shit about anything at my school. We've be classed as one of - no the WORST that has come through for a while - or ever?! And because I'm not doing advanced or extension subjects I'm lumped into the same category as the ones who wagg class and never come to school! I'm classed as not caring, as not taking anyhting seriously and that I think that getting into uni would be easy! And she recons she lost 5kg with all the running around she did this year for this year's year 12, but thinks she gain it again this comming year with my year. Gee a lot of confidence you have there hey? I'm sick of being stereotyped. I'm sick of being judged. I'm sick of being put down!

Positive: I'm not much like this year group. From the start I've always been the one who is waiting for the class to come in. Rarely am I ever late to class. Rarely am I ever absent! I do the work and it's always in one time. I stress over deadlines and the rules we have in place - even though they aren't strick! I turn out rarely forgetting a thing to a lesson! I'm there and ready to work. Yes I get tired. Yes I get unmotivated. Yes I struggle through a lot of my subjects. But at least I give my best and try my god damned hardest!


Negative: Crying again over recent events and not knowing where to turn...

Positive: I'll be okay, If I can focus on my TAFE assessment I should be able to pull through soon.

Remember you're amazing just as you are Heart

Re: Turning Negatives Into Positives

Neg: Feel like crap

Pos: Audibooks and hot choc are in order! Smiley Happy 


Neg: Getting enough hours of sleep is all very well, but if the quality's not there, you are back to square 1.

Pos: Will try to get an early night.   


Neg: 2 weeks til I see my psych....

Pos: I can do this- 1 day at a time....


Neg: Can't relax.....

Pos: An hour or 2 of audiobooks should help...

Re: Turning Negatives Into Positives

Negative: Fell over last night and suffering today because of it...

Positive: Nothing is broken, I'm taking pain relief regularly too Smiley Happy

Negative: The sling they gave is uncomfortable and I'm so uncomfortable

Positive: The sling is helping suport my arm so I guess I should be grateful Smiley Happy

Negative: I can't take any more pain relief for another 2 hours and feeling like the pain relief I took a couple hours ago was useless :/

Positive: I'm going to be okay, I just need to distract my mind from the pain & I should be good then Smiley Happy

Remember you're amazing just as you are Heart

Re: Turning Negatives Into Positives

Negative: realised I was just sitting here staring at the work to start my IP for drama

Positive: I moved on from my IP and onto Australian Drama and theatre work

Negative: Just realised I was sitting here crying, not sure what I'm crying over but I feel horrible and yeah

Positive: I've come online to try and take my mind off it so I can get on with yesterdays work


Negative: I feel a bit bad because I haven't done any of my school work yet, and I've got a fair bit to do

Positive: I have been looking after myself both physically and mentally!

Negative: Negative thoughts keep poping up to every positive I try and write - almost like I'm fighting with myself :/

Positive: I'm not going to write them. I have taken actions the past couple days to look after myself both physically and mentally and it should be enough.


Negative: Dad told me a friend rang up while I was out getting another logbook for drama... I haven't spoken to her since our fight and really not wanting to talk to her... And I can't help but think that she'll either blast me or that she's just wanting help with something she's stuck on...

Positive: If she rang she must be wanting to sort it out? She actually wants to talk to me?


Negative: My arm is now kicking it's feet in the their and being sore, I did too much and haven't taken panadol and have ditched the sling

Positive: It's done fairly well, it's not as sore as what it was yesterday and even though I have done a few things I'm doing well without the sling Smiley Very Happy


Negative: Feeling a bit down even though I've written all these out and have tried to bring myself up...

Positive: I've done really well, I have 2 whole days where I didn't emotionally cry! I went 2 whole days without looking on teh negative side of anything! I went a whole day with an extremely sore arm in a sling that was too low, hurting my shoulder blade and choking me, where I was positive about everything! And even though I was sore I wasn't upset because I tripped and missed school. I was okay with what happened and was really optimistic. So in contrast, feeling a bit blue now could be because I've just come off a whole day and a bit of being on panadiene... I should be happy with how I have handled things these past couple days Smiley Happy Little steps

Remember you're amazing just as you are Heart

Re: Turning Negatives Into Positives

Negitive: My friend's ignoring me.
Positive: One step closer to dumping her and finding real friends.

Re: Turning Negatives Into Positives

hey dontknowwhattodo - i've replied to your other post, but think you might get something out of having a look at this thread that Bee started too if you haven't seen it already: