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Re: Tw hopeless rambling

@hellofriend things seemed pretty intense for you last week... I'm wondering how you're going now? Heart
No human being, however great or powerful, was ever so free as a fish

Re: Tw hopeless rambling

Still finding things really hard @lokifish :/

Re: Tw hopeless rambling

Hey @hellofriend 


Sorry to hear you're still finding things hard. I know you'be mentioned before that you have a lack of support to help you manage whats going on for you. You also said you haven't had great experiences with professionals. I just wanted to show this directory of psychologists - the really good thing about this search engine is that you can get an idea of the therapist before attending. You can search for someone who specialises in the area you think you need the most support with and has profiles for you to look through. 


If you're interested in checking it out you can start searching here.


And of course we are always here for you too Heart 

Re: Tw hopeless rambling

That really sucks @hellofriend Smiley Sad

Do you have any strategies which sometimes help during hard times? Heart
No human being, however great or powerful, was ever so free as a fish

Re: Tw hopeless rambling

Thanks @Bre-RO, but it only has 2 within 50km of where I live and it just gives me their contact details. I'm not gonna try seeing either of them, because it'll probably just make things worse.


I'm not even sure @lokifish, nothing springs to mind at the moment...

Re: Tw hopeless rambling

Hi @hellofriend,

How are you feeling today?

It sounds like you might be open to exploring some strategies to assist you when times get a little tough. Some of our members have mentioned a few things before that might interest you? E.g.
- writing things down or journaling
- mindful breathing
- physical activity (I do yoga in my living room via you tube - it's free and easy!)
- listening to music
- sensory play (ripping paper, playing with a stress ball etc)

Have any of these types of things worked for you in the past? Or perhaps other ideas have sprung to mind?

Thinking of you Smiley Happy

Re: Tw hopeless rambling

@JM-RO Still not feeling good, but it's a little less in my face today.


When I'm facing seemingly unfixable big picture life stuff I don't really have the motivation/ inclination to try doing little things that might make me feel slightly better but don't solve the problems. It seems like to do that would be to just accept those problems as part of my life and try to push them to the side/ act like they don't matter or that I'm ok with them. (Which isn't something I want to do. Although I probably spend most of my life doing it, because I don't seem able to either solve them or consistently give attention to them)

Re: Tw hopeless rambling

I understand what you're saying @hellofriend. Sometimes, big life problems can feel really overwhelming and insurmountable at times. Smiley Sad

Acknowledging how I feel and how bad a situation is is something that has helped me in the past. I like to write down those thoughts to get them off my chest before trying to carry on with whatever I am doing.
Some people also like to think of their emotions as waves. Instead of trying to avoid them or fight against them, it can sometimes be beneficial to let the 'wave' carry you until it passes. I like to imagine my negative thoughts drifting away like clouds.
Do any of these things help you?


Re: Tw hopeless rambling

Thanks for the response @WheresMySquishy Smiley Happy


Yep, feeling stuck with overwhelming insurmountable problems. (I don't think it's even that they feel that way, I think they just are that way, and that doesn't change, which makes me feel really hopeless :/ )


Those techniques don't really fit for me, because I guess my issue is more with the problems themselves rather than my feelings about them. Thanks anyway though (really)


(Also, I'm really sorry that I'm not really help-able and for however that might affect those trying to help anyway, and you probably know this already but you can stop whenever you want)

Re: Tw hopeless rambling

Hi @hellofriend


It sounds like a really tough situation for you right now Heart You've mentioned feeling stuck with a lot of big issues happening in your life, including motivation. Would you like to tell us a bit more about some of the big issues that you are dealing with at the moment? 


Reading through your post, I am hearing that you have really worked hard to seek support in the past and have tried a lot of different avenues. You know yourself best, and we will defer to your self knowledge about what works and doesn't for you Smiley Happy Feeling unhelpable must be really challenging- I want you to know that no matter what we are here to listen and stand beside you when the feelings surface Heart We may not always have the answers to the big issues, and that is okay- as long as you know that there are people here when you need to lean on someone or put the words down in writing


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