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Re: Tw hopeless rambling

So sick of feeling so bad. It seems like things are just never going to be ok and I hate it, I'm so sick of trying.

Re: Tw hopeless rambling

Hi @hellofriend,


Some big feelings you have spoken about here, thank you for being open with us about where you are at today Heart Feeling like things aren't going to get better must be really painful Heart


Would you like to tell us a little bit more about what is happening for you today? We are a listening ear for you when you need someone to talk to Heart


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Re: Tw hopeless rambling

Aaaaah so frustrated that nothing helps. Tried webchatting kidshelpline again and now I've just got the swirling mass of sadness more agitated than usual by trying to talk about it, and had it again reinforced that nothing can help me. So mad, so tired, so sad. Smiley Sad

Re: Tw hopeless rambling

Hey @hellofriend 


It is so frustrating when you're trying to seek help and not getting the support you need. I can understand that you would feel mad, tired and sad - I think what you're going through is something many of us can relate to. Do you feel up to telling us a little more about what's happening for you? 


We are here to listen to you Heart