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Re: Unread Letters

(Future cover letter draft)


To whom it may concern...


Dear sir/madam,


thank you so much for your acknowledgment of not accepting yet another application I have handed out to you all countless times. You really give insanity a true meaning; expecting it will change but never does. As another year passes, I won't forget the opportunities you waved in my face. Just glad I try...


I suppose it would kill you if I actually got any work somewhere, even if I try my heart out, doing everything and anything I can beyond my overall competence through ability. But I need even more experience I cannot get also, but it's all good, it makes complete and utter sense- all logic aside. Not like you have a life to live, I mean who does? 


One shift a week is way too much for your business to take, and I understand when you say "No" from saying nothing at all, after never bothering with an interview or an ounce of human compassion or understanding. But! Not to worry, the previous employment agencies are SO helpful, never getting back to you after registering and inquiring. Someone is doing their job. Worth every second I reckon.


Something tells me, if I go to get financial benefits somewhere it will change my chances of obtaining any form of work. Either way, it won't be a shock if nothing ever does change. I'm qualified, cause I care. Thank you so much for not reading this letter, hope you do enjoy the rest of your day, you deserve it.


Kind regards,

unemployed waste.






Re: Unread Letters

Dear self.

You can do it. It's only a week left, and you can be okay with being a junior leader for youth group.
Only a week left until the show. Just hold on, and you can finish the show.
Even though someone has taken a part of your costume that's needed very much...

I know you can help your friend. Just believe that you are perfect inside and out like she is. Then she will believe it too.

Please. Just hold on. It will be okay. It's okay to not be okay. Please, will you just hold on for a little while longer? It's not hard. Please. You have such great people in your life, but you won't talk to them. When will you talk to them? When will you be happy with the life that you've got?

I know. It's hard. But life gives you lemons. So what do you do with it?
You eat them and hope they're sweet.

(Which they aren't, but I like plain lemons...)

Yours forever,
a very broken angel.

Re: Unread Letters

Dear ex best friend.


I know you want to be with me again, and I know you feel guilty for betraying me. But you don't have to keep disrespecting me! All I ever did was be nice to you, and be the friend you never could have. I can't even believe that the excuse you gave me, was "Oh I just thought you were being a bit of a drama queen". No one takes the necklace you give to your bff, and gives it to someone else, without a severe reason. I did everything I could to be your friend, and to protect you. But you gave me shit back. All I did, was be your friend. Nothing else. And now that we're in high school, you found more people that are 'cool' like you. Just because you don't have that friend that you betrayed.


Even though your 'cooler' friends talk to me, doesn't mean that you have to keep being disrespectful in front of them to me. Just because they're nice to me. Because I didn't do wrong to them, they talk to me. Because I share my stationary with everyone in our classes. Because I know how to behave, and have good effort in class.


Because, I never did anything wrong to my friends. I stayed as true as I possibly could to them. Even when they backstabbed me, or moved out of the school/state/country. I know you have things going on at home, and that you don't have a good father, or any siblings your age to be with, but that doesn't give you the right to be rude, mean, and worse than what you did to me, 3 years ago.


You ruined something special. And now I can't be with you anymore, because you won't let me back in to your heart. You put me on the 'hate' side of your heart. I miss my friendship with you. I can't forget the fun times we had together, even though I'm older than you. Even though our classes were separated in year 4 and 6.


I'm sorry, but I've done everything to be with you.
There's no way I can be your friend again, until you respect me, and let me back into your arms.


I just want you back. Or at least for you to stop disrespecting me, and treating me the way I treat you.

As a classmate.



Your first good friend.


Re: Unread Letters

@xXLexi_Lou122Xx  this is a really powerful letter. I actually do this in my diary sometimes. Maybe I'll write one. I'm sorry your friend doesn't respect you and puts you down in front of your classmates. I'm hoping one day she'll learn to be a better human to other people (including you). For now, it's great that you recognise that the only person's behaviour you can change is your own. I'm hearing that it is frustrating and hurtful that she has ruined this friendship that meant a lot to you. I can't be certain, but I feel that one day she will recognise that she's lost a great friend and feel terrible about what she's done. 

“Your now is not your forever."
― John Green, Turtles All the Way Down

Re: Unread Letters

Hey @MisoBear.
Thank you. I just wish she wouldn’t do it. I was wearing an ear cuff earring, and she said “ew what’s that on your ear?!” Intending rudeness. The other girl, her friend, said that it wasn’t ew, but pretty instead. I thank her for that, but still.

The girl that used to be my friend, betrayed me in year 5. I haven’t been bothered by her since then, until now. I don’t know why she’s doing this, but I know she is just jealous of my fairly better home life than hers.

Re: Unread Letters

Dear body/brain/whatever,
Please stop hurting. My back is hurting like crazy. It feels like it wants to crack, and so does my shoulders. I massaged them for you last night, and I even got multiple people to walk on my back. And now I have a sharp stabbing pain in in my knee, and a sharp pain in my shoulder blade. Please stop hurting. I want to sleep in peace, and actually get a good nights sleep. I haven’t had enough sleep in 3 weeks.

It’s not that hard. Just stop. I don’t need another thing wrong with my body than I already do.

Thank you,
Your very tired human spirit inside you.

(The circles under my eyes are VERY dark)

Re: Unread Letters

This is a very powerful strategy in coping with chronic pain @xXLexi_Lou122Xx  thank you for sharing Heart I hope your body has been as kind to you today as you were to it last night. Keep fighting!


Re: Unread Letters

Thank you @TOM-RO.
I've been getting less and less sleep every night, and it's driving me crazy.

I just need my back to crack, and maybe it will help me sleep. *Sigh*

// Nothing is impossible. The word itself says "I'm Possible" //

Re: Unread Letters

Dear Body/Brain.
Please, Please stop hurting and keeping me awake at night. I don't want to have a burn out at school. I don't want that dream that I had last night to become true. Please stop this from happening.

I already have more than enough going on with me already.

Yours sincerely,
The very tired, sore, sick and scared spirit inside of you.
Smiley Sad

// Nothing is impossible. The word itself says "I'm Possible" //

Re: Unread Letters

Hey @xXLexi_Lou122Xx  


I hope you were able to get some rest for school Heart How are you feeling today?