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Re: Unread Letters

I am sorry to hear about the experiences that you have had @WheresMySquishy . They sounds like very difficult things to experience, and I am sorry that you and your family have had to endure them. I hope that you have a lot of good experiences with proactive doctors that can help to outweigh the negative experiences you have had.


That sounds really scary @xXLexi_Lou122Xx , I am sorry to hear that this is something that you experience. I could not imagine how scary it must feel to be found unconscious at school. I hope that you were able to get some good support from your teachers on friday Heart

Re: Unread Letters

Thanks for the support @Sophia-RO. Heart I've had some good doctors. The emergency room doctor I had earlier this year, my urologist, gynecologist, dermatologist and ophthalmologists have all been good. The emergency room doctor and urologist saved my life after I went to another doctor who just sent me home and didn't recognise the emergency. Another doctor was also able to pick up on a mistake another doctor made about one of my family members, where they were told what they had was benign when it was actually cancerous. But one mistake is all it takes to have drastic consequences and that's what gets me. We should not have to seek out a second opinion or an opinion in hindsight (like, 'the delays in starting treatment didn't help') to be able to be treated properly.

Re: Unread Letters

Dear that one organization 


Honestly, that graphic design alone. Black text. Overlaying. A dark picture.

That's bad enough normally.


But in a website for a disability support organisation?

That is inaccessible for most people, when you throw disability into the mix it becomes impossible.


I had been about to copy and paste the text so I could actually read it.

But you know what. I shouldn't have to.

And if you can't even make your website accessible and inclusive, I'm not sure I want to even know what your support programs look like.


Making your website readable is literally the least you should do.

Hiring an accessibility consultant.. isn't that hard. Seriously.

Re: Unread Letters

Dear body,

Get some damn sleep! I need to be able to function properly throughout the day, and you deciding to get poor sleep, is only making things worse. Please, just get some normal sleep. Maybe then, students and teachers won't worry about me... Especially after having 3 episodes over 3 consecutive days, and then a meltdown the next day.

Exhaustion, high emotional/work stress levels, and health problems do not mix, and never will. The sooner you get some better sleep, the sooner you won't embarrass yourself in front of everyone, and you'll put in better work for your assessments.

Sincerely, your frustrated self.

Dear teachers,

Why can't you check-in with me, to see if I'm okay? I thought that teachers are supposed to do that, even if its just to see if I understand the work. I don't care if you ask if I'm okay mentally/emotionally, but I struggle with the workload so much! I wake up at 5am, every school day, just to get ready for school. Then at 7:10am, I leave to catch the train to school. I get to school much earlier than everyone else, but it still doesn't help the fact that I am stressed out, far too much, and that I probably need help to get assessments done.

I have never gotten an assignment in, on the due date. Not for any assignment, whatsoever.

Please, just check-in with me, and see if I need any help with either understanding the work, or getting it completed on time. Because I know, that I never ask for help. Not unless I am so desperate that I'm losing time and marks. And even then, I tend to not ask for help when I should. You all should know this by now, and it hurts me to know that I could be getting more marks/better grades, if only you would ask me if I understand or if I need any help completing something on time.

A very sad, stressed, depressed, tired, and frustrated student.

Re: Unread Letters

Heya @xXLexi_Lou122Xx , 


Your schedule sounds pretty exhausting, and it must be so frustrating to have problems with sleep on top of that Smiley Sad Have you ever tried things like guided meditations at night? Is it the falling asleep part that's a problem, or the getting to sleep problem? I've had issue with sleep in the past and I know how much it can mess with you Smiley Sad 


I hope that you can get the support that you need from your teachers- is there any teacher that you'd feel comfortable chatting to about this stuff? I totally get what you mean about wanting them to check in with you rather than having to ask for help though. 


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Re: Unread Letters

@Janine-RO yeah... it kinda is...

I don't really do meditation, because it is against my religion to meditate... But to answer your question, I have been having trouble staying asleep when I'm supposed to. I'm just so restless all the time... Smiley Frustrated

I wish there was a teacher I could talk to about this... but I guess having trust issues doesn't help either. Being able to talk about even asking for help is hard. Typical introvert....

I'm supposed to talk to my GO, but I can't even talk to her about school stuff anymore. I just don't trust her for some reason, even though she never did anything to make that happen...

Re: Unread Letters

Hey @xXLexi_Lou122Xx! It's good to see you around Smiley Happy Sorry to hear you've been having trouble sleeping. Are you allowed to do even like mindfulness/grounding stuff? That's hard with not being able to reach out and trust your supports Smiley Sad

Re: Unread Letters

Hey @lost_Space_Explore5!
Yeah, its great to see you too! I've missed the forums!

I can do grounding and stuff, it's just the meditating I can't do. It's the same with yoga...

Yeah... I guess I'll get there eventually though....

Re: Unread Letters

Ah okay cool @xXLexi_Lou122Xx that makes sense! We've missed you haha Smiley Very Happy Is grounding and stuff helpful?

Re: Unread Letters

I've never done it before, really...
But music is helpful. Except for the fact that my parents refuse to let me use my phone in my room... Smiley Frustrated