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Re: Unread Letters

Music is a really good coping strategy. Oh that's frustrating Smiley Sad

Re: Unread Letters

@Lost_Space_Explorer5  The suggestion about grounding was a really good one! 


@xXLexi_Lou122Xx, do you feel like it's something that might be helpful right now? I personally find that using gifs especially meant to help relax breathing for anxiety to be really nice.


I know it must be really hard for you right now; feeling restless is already bad enough and not getting enough sleep on top of that must be stressful! 


It also sounds like these trust issues are making it hard for you to reach out and talk about things, even with people that you might be able to trust, like your GP. This can put us in a really difficult place because I guess to build that trust, we need to try and take that risk and open up a little, but that's hard because of those issues you've mentioned before.  


I'm wondering if there's a way where maybe you can 'test out' whether you are able to trust someone or not - maybe talk to them a little about things that aren't so personal, and if they react positively that can make you feel comfortable in opening up more? 


Though I'm glad that you're able to talk with us about this, and please know that no matter what happens this is always a space for you where you can open up Smiley Happy

Re: Unread Letters

I'm just going to move to my thread again, I'll tag you in it in a sec!

Re: Unread Letters

@TOM-ROOoh I love those breathing gif things lol!




Re: Unread Letters

From @Matty D
Dear 2020, COVID-19 rules, and the government,
Your rules have been WAY too mixed up and confusing for me to fathom, and as for YOU, 2020 and COVID-19 rules, you’re not off the damn hook either - you’ve been putting craploads of pressure on me, confusing me and leaving me wondering what the hell to do. And, of course, the government - how can I forget your silliest rule ever made - to stop wearing masks NOW just ‘cos we’ve made it almost a whole bloody month without any new virus cases or deaths?! You have NO idea how much I resent you all. Damn you, 2020, for being so goddamn hard on me, some of you messed-up COVID-19 rules for confusing the crap out of me and making it all the more harder for me to control my worsened anxiety, and the government for making this unmasking decision so frickin’ soon. 

Re: Unread Letters

Sorry to write another letter, but here goes anyway:

Dear substitute RTO teacher,

Last year, you made the stupidest, cruelest, and crappiest joke about my dog not wanting to be with me if I don’t give her enough pats, and I don’t give a damn if it WAS only a joke, because it left me feeling hurt and upset up until now, and let me tell you this - ANYONE else’s dogs out there honestly couldn’t care less how frequently/infrequently their owners pat them; they sure as hell will NOT love you any less for that, EVER. NOBODY talks about my dog that way.  

From Matty D.