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Urgently seeking independent accommodation

Hi all, new to here but thought it'd be somewhere I could maybe get suggestions and such. I live in a dysfunctional family to say the least, but long story short is I need to move out in order to get anywhere in the recovery process in terms of my mental illness' but I have no financial income from a job or government assistance which makes it difficult, just wondering what my options are in terms of finding somewhere in my area (Sydney) that accommodates youth with mental illness in independent accommodation. I've emailed places like New Horizon to enquire and am waiting for a reply. Suggestions/advice appreciated

Please and thank you,


Re: Urgently seeking independent accommodation

Hey @Sierra 


Welcome to the forums. It sounds like you are ready for a change and you are trying to do the best for yourself and that is amazing. It sounds like you are actively trying to find ways to help yourself and that is great. I have a factsheet that you might like to read and it might be helpful. I also found a site called Lawstuff which will inform you of any legal information to help you with your move. 


Maybe you could give them a call, they might be able to help:

Youth Accommodation Association Vacancy Line
24 hour service - toll free outside the Sydney Metro region
9318 1531 OR 1800 424 830 


I hope this helps and best of luck with the move. You sound motivated enough. 


I hope it all works out 


Take care Smiley Happy

**Believe in the power of you because you are your own hero**

Re: Urgently seeking independent accommodation

Hey @Sierra 


You might also find the Salvation Army's emergency accomodation website or help line 1800 234 566 useful if you are in need of new accomdation because of an emergency. 


Hope this helps!




Re: Urgently seeking independent accommodation

I'm in a similar situation, only I'm in Tasmania -So if anyone knows of anything in Tasmania?

I'm not any help just want to wish you luck in finding somewhere... Smiley Happy