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What else can i do?

Hi everyone. I'm new here and have been too scared to join in the past but I think I really need to talk to someone. Ive had anxiety and depression for a few years now but have only reached out for help in the last year or so. The problem is that lately, trying to get help has made my situation worst. There this girl that im kinda friends with and when she saw me upset the other day she asked what was wrong. I opened up to her about my condition but since then shes treated me like a lost puppy and has said she wants to "fix" me. Ive been upfront with her but she sees me as a hurdle for her to conquer until i just blindly love her.

Today i tried to talk to my english teacher about my anxiety and she got angry and frustrated at me. SHe looked personally offended that i was struggling and just kicked me out of class.

Theres lots of other examples, but i just wonder what else will help beside trying to get help cause its only worsened things and its made me feel pathetic. Its made it really hard for me to talk about what im going through because it just upsets and annoys everyone. Thanks

Re: What else can i do?

Hey @bumblesheep


Welcome to All good with being new! Our community here are a very supportive bunch and we're all ears Smiley Happy Sorry to hear that finding help and opening up to people has been challenging. When we are going through tough times, you meet some rather over-empathetic or well, not very empathetic people. 


When you're looking for help, maybe it'll be helpful to think about what you're wanting to get out of it. Is it to have someone who will listen to you and what you're going through in a non-judgemental way? Is it finding out information about local services in your area? Or is it about wanting some advice on how to handle your anxiety and depression? Chances are, some people may react strangely or get personally offended because they may not know what you're looking for or they're not in the best position to help you out. Of course, this is no reason to treat you badly Smiley Sad


You've said that you struggle with opening up to people and talking about it. Have you thought about writing it out? If you visit your lcoal GP to receive a referral, you could bring a copy of what you're written so that it's easier for you to explain your circumstances. And it may even be helpful for a psychologist and counsellor too, so that they can understand what you're going through. You can also chat to someone via webchat with eheadspace too, as you can take your time replying. Much more different than a phone call!


Hope this helps and let us know how you go. 

Stay excellent

Re: What else can i do?

@Myvo has given some great advice and I agree.  Lifeline and Kids Helpine have professional counsellors that are trained and know how to react.  I've also experienced the 'fix you' people and the people that don't know how to react so they seem not to care.  It can get frustrating and upsetting so talking to a professional ios they way I'd go.

Re: What else can i do?

Hi @bumblesheep (I like your username by the way)

I'm sorry to hear that your search for help hasn't being going that well. I, and many others, have found Reach Out to be a great place for help so please do feel free to hang around the forums for what I would hope (and expect) to be a more positive experience.

You did nothing wrong by going to ask for help, but the people are probably not ones who know how to help you.
Have you considered looking at more professional types of help? Even a school counsellor? These people could also speak to your teachers and sort out whatever misconceptions the teacher you did speak to had.
Or would you possibly be comfortable going (by yourself or with someone else) to speak to that teacher (or even handing her a letter/email) and explaining anything you feel she didn't understand?

With your friend, could you speak to her about the way that she's trying to help? Perhaps letting her know what things are and aren't helpful?
If she's really refusing to listen to you and is determined that she knows best, it may be best for you to have a break from her. You need to put your welfare first.

Re: What else can i do?

Thanks for the responses everyone. I'm actually going to see one of the head teachers tomorrow about this and I'm hoping she'll help. Also, the idea to write out my symptoms for my GP is so simple yet smart because whenever I see her I have a hard time explaining myself. I'll definitely try that and will hang around this forum more - I'm glad I came here. Thanks everyone!

Re: What else can i do?

Hey @bumblesheep, I'm so stoked to see that Reach Out was able to help you out!


It's great that you're going to see one of the head teachers tomorrow for help. You should be proud of yourself for taking this brave step! Please keep us posted with how it goes and remember you're always welcome here if you ever want to have a chat.

Re: What else can i do?

Hey, I hope you are feeling better.


Sometimes when we seek help from others, they might not be very helpful. It is to be expected. 

There are people that arent going through or have gone through what we have experienced.


Dont let that get you down. You will find super nice understanding peiple. There are lots at RO but you will have friends like that too.


All the best.


Re: What else can i do?

Really hope to see you round here more @bumblesheep - we can help you work this out and get through the maze of finding the right help....

I like the suggestion of you chatting online with eHeadspace too... They will be a great support for you...

Online Community Manager

Re: What else can i do?



G'day mate


I feel that I can relate to what you are saying. For me personally, I find the hard part its not simply find the right person to confide in but also a right time. (A lot of friends had their own stress to deal with when I was suffering.) My family and I have been through a lot, and from the way I was brought up, I came to term with myself that I cannot afford to look depressed at front my parents, friends, or even coworkers. Also, since my constant changing of addresses, I hardly had the time to form a bond with a friend that I trust enough to confide in. 


What I realized in the past few years, is that sometimes that venting yourself verbally by talking to a friend, a pet or even the mirror helped me a lot; or venting through something physical will also help you relieve the stress, like jogging, a sport, so you can think more clearly on how to deal with the situation. (I even tried give a loud shout in the shower when no one was home) Apart from talking to a professional or a school councillor, I recommend talking to a friend, but try just talking, someone you can tell your stress about rather than straight off asking for help. 


I hope things are getting better for you, also always self encouragement. I always do it, regardless of what other people thinks, because it gives me that bit of confidence I need so I can step out of my door each day with a grin on my face and a reassurance that the day will be fine. 

Re: What else can i do?

Thanks guys. I have actually used eheadspace before but was having trouble with my internet and couldn't get through. Im definetly gonna try again in the future.

The head teacher was away but i managed to do the english assessment i was worried about. Not only did i do it in 40 minutes, but i also feel kinda confident about it. I just hope my english teacher likes it. Even though i struggle in english, shes been pushing me to do the hardest level of english next year. Im not sure if i will, but i hope i can improve over the rest of the year.